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My Weekly Menu (Suppers)

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Ok Here's the way it look so far !!!!

2 Days Worth of Potatoe Soup & Homemade Fried Cornbread !!!


Homemade Corned Beef Hash , Carrots, & Okra

2 Days Worth of Spagetti & Garlic Bread with Side Salad

Tarertot Casserole & Seasoned Green Beans

I think I am in a menu rut I need ideas and suggestions !!!

I had a much better day today Went grocery shopping & looked at a consignement shop. Believe me when I say I wish y'all would have been ther with me. Sometimes I just feel so lonely. I only have 1 friend who lives her and she has 2 very small children and is in nursing college full time so we never get together.

I didn't buy anything at the consignement shop maybe next time !!!

Hey can anyone tell me how far along in 2nd (or more) pregnancies did you start showing ??

I am only 6 weeks but I am tell you my cothes are not fitting the same and I have LOST 5 pounds.

They told me at the Dr's that you show earlier with 2nd pregnancies but this seems crazy !!!

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    The first pregnancy I showed around 5 months. In my second pregnancy I started showing around three months. The third I only gained 15 pounds for the entire pregnancy, with the fourth I showed the instant he was conceived I think . Just as each child is different so is each pregnancy. Especially the cravings. With each one your muscles get weeker depending on how physically activity you have been. I was very active with the third one and stayed that way the whole pregnancy with all of the others I gorged myself. Don't worry so much about the weight and showing, enjoy the pregnancy-it is so fun and you don't have too many concerns about the baby. Watch your health with losing the weight-the baby will take what it needs from you if you eat right and get rest all will be well.
    Best of luck!
  2. faxonfive's Avatar
    Good menu there incheck!!

    My first I showed at 2 months ( I gained 67 pounds) she was born at over 11 pounds too!!
    My second I didnt show until 7 months and my third was about the same....I didnt gain as much with them either ( 12-15 pounds) I hope your doing well and gettting plenty of rest!!!