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Thift Shop Finds

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Since all of my daughter's pants were starting to look like capris a little, it was time to get her some new ones.

I got 5 pairs of pants and a dress for her, and a sweater for my oldest daughter. The total was $13. I was quite pleased.

Then I headed to the used book store looking for a study bible. I should have left when I learned they didn't have one. Instead I ended up buying a side-by-side NASB/The Message Bible, Christian Mother Goose, and two Golden Books. Damage there was $12.

I checked into the snobby consignment shop in town (I don't know what they have to be snobby over. They don't stock designer labels or anything) but found nothing in the sale room.

We stopped at the bakery thrift store for some white bread.

And we're about to take Diego to the dog park.

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  1. faxonfive's Avatar
    Wow DohDoh, sure wish I could have treked along with you and Diego, sounds like you sure hit the jack pot while having fun!!!

  2. tsgal's Avatar
    Now that's my kind of shopping. If I lived closer to you I would have went with job.
  3. beansthemama's Avatar
    Good job! I love that, finding the best bang for your buck! Good finds
  4. DohDohBird's Avatar
    I SOOOOOO wish I had someone to go thrift shopping with! It's so much more fun when you have a friend with you!
  5. incheck4real's Avatar
    I really miss having a buddy with me shopping as well. Hubby normally goes with but ends up being whiny as in "Can we go yet" Or "My feet hurt" LOL !!! I guess it's something in estrogen that makes us ladies more fit for bargain shaopping than men !!! LOL !!!!
  6. JoAnn's Avatar
    Doh, Way To Go savings adding up.. Consignment shop I have never really found any deals at them. But do go into them just to keep up on things..

    Incheck, I would have thought your DH and mine are brothers.Lolll It must be a man thing. Mine sits in the car, and sometimes that just as bad. So I usually go by myself too.
  7. wilbe95's Avatar
    Thrift shops are the best place when you are clothing children! The way my boys grow yikes, seems like every month they need longer pants. They don't mind getting them at a thrift shop but sure hate to have the brother's hand me down. Their clothes never seem to last long enough for a hand me down. Great hunting!!! Awesome finds!!!
  8. Niddi's Avatar
    Gosh I wish I had you guys here as shopping buddies. I LOVE browsing thrift shops and would rather not take hubby. He just doesn't understand how I can spend hours in one store. Last year after Christmas I picked up so many new items that could be used for gifts.guess people just didn't like them and donated to get a tax deduction. I must have picked up at least 40 or 50 items,some of which I'm using as gifts this year and some that we used for Bingo prizes at a Senior Citizens function. I have had to force myself not to go every week this year because I don't really need everything I buy there. So much fun to get a bargain though!!!
  9. brchbell's Avatar
    I'm so grateful for my built in buddies to take to on shopping trips with me! My twins were a great surprise and an even bigger blessing! Our favorite place to shop is the 20 cent store here in NW MO. It's fun to go in and browse. Sometimes we don't get much but other times we come out with trash bags full! All for a couple bucks--20 cents an item! I've heard horror stories about teenagers but mine are terrific!