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There IS a god!!!!

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Last week I spent an afternoon every other day on the phone with the Centralized Servicing Center in St. Louis MO, for USDA Rural Development, my mortgage holder....trying to find out the NEW payment amount, since I'd faxed in my new tax bill, lowering my property taxes from $2962.00 to $1495.00 (Homestead Declaration Credit)

I ended up paying the old amount $683.64, and wondered what would happen to the difference once they finally made the adjustment. In one year and 8 months I have NEVER been late on a mort. payment, and I don't intend to start now, so rather than wait for the updated amt, i just paid it.

Anywho, last night, I arrived home, sweltering hot, foggy from the chiropractor...and in NO way ready to cook dinner. I opened the mail, sat down on my nice comfy couch in my nice cool living room, and proceeded to open 3 envelopes from RD. One was a confirmatio nof my phone payment. Cool. One was a redone escrow statement....and the last one was a check for $191.36. This is the amt my mortgage has gone DOWN!!! I was so excited, I started to cry...and immediately called my mom to share the good news, my stepfather was cheering in the background for me, (He tells ppl I'm fantastic, and I've done more than he ever thought possible on very little..both literally and figuratively...*L*) THEN....I hustled the kids in the car and took them to Friendly's. Yeah, I know. I don't care. We go so often with little to nothing "extra or fun" I thought for sure I could spare $30.00 out of 191.36.

Last night I tried to go to bed after an hour or more of knitting and listening to a book on cd...(The 5 hour baby sweater, and The Tenth Circle by Jodie Piccoult) but all i could think about was my big budget notebook, so I got up and spent some time with that instead.

If I get AGGRESSIVE....I could potentially have $700. saved by the end of November? POTENTIALLY< this bears some more fine tuning...but I gave my boss a check today for the rest of the water bill will be paid in full by the middle of October, as well as that pesky medical bill, and then I can move forward with my normal budget again without all of that extra crap that stresses me so!!!

I'm so relieved....but I did pass this message along to the little ones this morning. This does NOT mean that we are no longer living frugally....we still will be...just so you know. *L* There just will be a little less worry.

Having said all of that, this beign a horrendous year for fleas, both of my dogs need meds for that, i have to buy paint, and my pride took over last night when I told my ex i would be back to buying my own groceries, and I've budgeted 100 every two weeks....which should MORE than hold us.

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