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We got it!!!!

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It was beyond cold last night. Went out to make sure the chickens were ok and that the dogs had plenty of water and it began to sprinkle (rain). They were calling for snow but not until later in the week. With all the wind that we had gotten over the weekend, the leaves continue to fall and I swept off the sidewalk. The little rain we were getting seemed to "stick" to the sidewalk (mind you this is wooden) so I figured I would sprinkle a little ice so that our family would not have any slips or sliding by morning. Had a nice cozy evening with the family watching some football and surfing on budget101. Went to bed with warm thoughts of a cozy blanket. Woke up this morning and made some breakfast for the kids and hubby when my youngest daughter came running down the hall - screaming that we had SNOW!!!! Oh My!!! It was gorgeous!!! Just enough to cover the ground and make it glisten Took the kids to school and let me tell you - the mountains were so beautiful!! It was as though God had taken a salt shaker and sprinkled a little love on them!!

It is cold but sometimes the beauty of nature just makes it all better!!


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  1. Liss's Avatar
    OMG, when I first saw your post I thought, That Girl hit the lottery! and I guess you did.. the winter lottery.
  2. faxonfive's Avatar
    I cant stop laughing!!! didnt mean to scare you!! I was just so excited....then if I look at the title...it could mean alot of things.....

    Thanks Girl!!!

  3. beansthemama's Avatar
    I love snow it is soooo pretty!
  4. DohDohBird's Avatar
    Oooooooh, how jealous you've made me!

    It's in the stinkin' SEVENTIES here today. IN COLORADO. Ugh.

    I long for snow...
  5. faxonfive's Avatar

    Now its all gone!! ;( I cant wait til its here again so I can take a few pictures!!!
  6. JoAnn's Avatar
    Well it's still snowing here, if anyone wants some. Lynn, you missed taking pictures of the mountains, with snow on them--awww I'll have to wait till next time I guess. Love coming to this cornor for some good laughs... Thanks, WE GOT IT..
  7. wilbe95's Avatar
    Sorry your snow didn't last longer. If I could control the snow I would happily send it your way and DohDohBird's way, I would be thrilled with the 70's. Guess I am the odd one out when it comes to snow. LOL