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Sleep--Just a dream

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So, I know I have said this before, but I am a night shift nurse. Been doing it for over 13 years, but I have started to get into a bad habit. I will have several days off from work and try to act like a normal person and sleep at night. But sometimes, at 2:00 am I will wake up and just can't get back to sleep. It has happened 3 nights in a row. The up side is that I got alot of work done on Christmas presents. The down side is I am exhausted by 10 am. And unfortunately laundry and household chores don't complete themselves. But I don't want to take any medicine, cause then I wake up with a drug head feeling.

Also, nothing interesting is on TV that time of night--
lots of re-runs!!!!

Maybe when I am rich, I will be able to sleep!!!!!

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