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Frugal Clothes Shopping

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I seldom buy clothing new. We shop at the Salvation Army's thrift store most of the time, and we try to only go on Tuesdays, when they have 50% off everything for military families. I have purchased so much at that store that they recognize me! Work out clothes, play clothes, church clothes, books, movies, dishes, furniture and more, all 50% off.

Clothes at the thrift store are the best, because you can get high-end brand names for a buck or so.

My youngest child is outgrowing her pants, so it looks like we need to start looking for "new" pants at our favorite thrift store!

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  1. JoAnn's Avatar
    Salvation Army's thrift store --- is a very good source to being thirfty. Also the GoodWill Thrift Shops is another stop, I make when I'm looking for canning jars and jeans. I find alot of things in these shops that still have store tags on them.
  2. tsgal's Avatar
    I also love these kind of stores. I have two growing boys, so it's a must to save money on clothes. They out grow them so fast. I love the Goodwill Store, it's a good one to go to. We also have one called Crosslines. It's a Christian based thrift store, love it also. Can find some really good buys there as well.
  3. brchbell's Avatar
    We buy a few new clothes each year usually at the PX on the clearance rack but most of our clothes are either home made or come from the 20 cent store or the Lord's warehouse both are Church based thrift stores. the 20cent store you pay 20 cents per item. They only keep the good stuff donated to them, the poorer quality stuff gets sent to the Salvation Army in the City. the Lord's Warehouse is open to anyone and they have a box on the way out that you make a donation if you are able. Maybe we can't find something we'd wear but we find a garment made of very nice material. We'll buy that and remake it into something we can use. I was somewhere once where everyone was talking about what their clothing budget was and I was hearing things like $300 a month and wondering what I was doing there! My budget is $20 per person per year and that usually goes toward shoes if we can't find what we need used. but everyone knows they have $20 for "new" stuff a year and it usually goes unused. Thankfully all 5 of my kids are more frugal than I am. My teens are very creative Making up to date modest clothing that many others are dying to know where they got them!
  4. incheck4real's Avatar
    I am right with you on this !!! It seems so crazy to buy new clothes at the store when you can buy like new and in some cases really new at Salvation Army or Goodwill !!!! I love going there and so does my whole family almost every piece of furniture and hosewares we own is from there !!! You never know what you will find unless you look !!!