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One week till payday....

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This has been an unusual week money wise....
Here's what has happened.

#1. My net pay is considerably less than normal because I have started to pay back my employer for my oil the tune of $1k. That's only for 200 gallons folks. I pay $.40 per gallon price protection, so if the price goes below the $4.42/gal that i paid initially, I'll get that lower price, and it will NEVER go higher than 4.42.

#2. My car battery died. Back in March I got slammed in a parking lot. (Ins. company concluded that it was MY fault...but whatever...she had no damage, I had $1k worth. MY deductible is $500.00. The following Monday, my brakes went. There went my bodywork money. I still have the insurance's useless to me now. battery was split right down the front...leaking acid everywhere. I'm lucky I think....but I did have to buy a new battery, and I bought the CHEAPEST one at $43.00.

#3. I'm getting serious about systematically fixing up the interior of my home, because I intend to sell it in 3 years time. We're talking paint mostly, but damn...paint is expensive! So when I went into Wal-Mart to buy the battery, I also bought a can of paint for $11.83...knowing that it would be some time before I returned to Wal-Mart.

So here it is, 7 days from payday. I have $91.03 left in my checkbook, (my bank says I have $70.00 something, gotta look into that) will need at LEAST $30.00 more in gas before next Friday morning....and have not paid my electric bill, which just came yesterday. It could be much worse....but damn...*L* It could be better.

SO, Liss, if you're reading, or anyone else for that matter...In October, I have a 3rd paycheck....all of my bills are covered in the first and last check of October....and I've already budgeted my usual $100.00 for gas, from the 3rd one. What is the BEST way for me to use this money???

I have a medical bill, balance of $122.00
I have no money set aside for xmas.
I am going to need rear brakes, but parts only, my bf and i will do the labor ourselves.
Thought about paying the rest of the cars ins. for the year...
Also thought about putting it in go towards my $1000.00 emergency fund...(I do not trust myself to put it in savings connected to my checkbook, it's TOO easy to use) I was considering giving it to my grandmother to put in her safe, or my parents etc...

I'd better get to work, and start earning that paycheck.*L*
Happy Friday.

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  1. Liss's Avatar
    Well, first, replace those brakes. You can get lifetime brake pads for $60 or so at Carquest (which although you can buy a cheap set of brake pads, you'll also be replacing them in a year.) If you & your hunny can change them in the yard yourself, I'd go with the ones that are free replacement.

    As far as saving money, you really need to tuck some away. If it's too easy for you to leave it in a savings account, you could literally Freeze it in a block of ice in the freezer. It will take awhile for you to thaw it out to use it, thus making you really *THINK* about whether you NEED to spend it.

    As far as planning ahead for christmas, do you know how much money you need/want to spend? I would suggest the planner on the site, figure out who you want to buy for & how much you'll need. You might want to budget $15-30 in extra grocery spending for mix gifts or gift baskets for multiple families.

    Medical bills... I was under the impression that they cannot reject ANY payment amount, I would send them $5 a week until they are paid off. There are lots of variations here... not knowing how much you can sock away, whether kids/schools are involved- and the lovely unknowns of kids coming home asking for $$ for science projects or extra tissues at school etc.

    Sounds like you're doing a fine job, just keep plugging away.
  2. MarieVermont's Avatar
    Hey Liss....I'm going to enter a new blog post right away, but wanted to say thanks again for your encouragement and support in this crazy, always broke, stressful process!