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Ten reasons why everyone should owns chickens - I do

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Well my hubby talked me into chickens this past spring and dont regret do it. We had 4 chickens - 3 white long horns and 1 - Rhode Island Red, a couple months back we lost one of our long horns. It was bad - but I can assure you now that our babies will not become stew, we have grown so attached to them. Our ladies are now getting ready for the winter (molting). It may be awhile before we get fresh eggs again. But believe me - its worth every penny!!!

1 -You get eggs

2 - They're no trouble. You top up their food and water occasionally, clean out their house occasionally, collect the eggs and that's about it

3 - Honestly, they're no trouble at all. A lot less effort than having a dog or even a cat. About the same as having a guinea pig or a rabbit, I'd say

4 - The eggs are cheaper than buying them because the food costs, well, chickenfeed

5 - The eggs are much, much nicer than shop-bought eggs, even free-range organic ones

6 - When they stop laying you can eat them if you like, as long as you haven't got sentimental about them

7 - They eat garden pests such as slugs, snails, leatherjackets etc.

8 - You can put their bedding plus the manure on the compost heap. It's excellent activator and will improve your garden or veg plot no end

9 - Even free-range eggs are often produced in conditions you might not expect. The hens must have theoretical access to an outdoor run but in practice they might never get there. They're less crowded than battery hens it's true, but still their living conditions won't be a patch on your own pampered hens, and that's why your own hens' eggs taste better (see point 5)

10 - You really feel you're living the good life when you have chickens in your back garden

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  1. JoAnn's Avatar
    When will you get fresh eggs again ? And how many fresh eggs did you get a week when they were laying. When I was growing up my one brother had a chicken house. But I don't really remember the details. We are 7 years apart in age.
    Updated 11-14-2008 at 11:55 PM by JoAnn (sppelling)
  2. tsgal's Avatar
    Lynn, I would love to have some chickens. I buy from a neighboring farmer right now, $2.00 a dozen. But don't you have problems with cyotes or wild dogs? That's the only reason I haven't done it yet. I might have to rethink this one and get some.
  3. faxonfive's Avatar
    Well we had four chickens, then one passed away a few months back. There are now three. When all three were laying we would get one egg a day per chicken. Mind you we didnt use eggs everyday, so we were able to save them. Thats 21 eggs a week. About 2 months ago they started to molt. They dont lay when they are molting. As of this past Tuesday one of our white longhorns starting laying again. YIPEE!!

    Arron, Deanne and I built a 10 foot high cage that is totally enclosed. We havent had any problems with coyotes, wild dogs, snakes, moles or even cats. The "ladies" are awesome. Almost like they talk to us

    I suggest having chicken to everyone who can get them
  4. brchbell's Avatar
    My husband and daughter came home with 20 of them this summer. The dog ate 2 of them before we got them all penned in. We're up to 11 eggs a day now. I've started freezing our extras to use this winter. They are so great i love hearing them and they seem so grateful when we visit them each day! We also have 3 ducks in with them.
  5. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    We also have chickens, currently 12 adults, 5 juvies and 48 eggs due to hatch this week. We had a few that hatched at easter (in the incubator) but the neighbors cat munched them when they were only a few weeks old. I love having fresh eggs. did you know that fresh eggs have Less Cholesterol than older eggs?! I saw it on one of those weird nature shows one night (like 3 in the morning, lol).
  6. faxonfive's Avatar
    Well I dont have the chickens anymore...however I do get fresh eggs from friends of mine who have taken the chickens I have and are raising them....I do miss have those little critters around!!!