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Thursday night

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Finally got a nice sunny day in the mid-fifties. Ran outside after making biscuits and gravy breakfast and we all got to work on the long list of outside projects we needed to get done and got it all done except one flat tire none of us could get off the tractor. Plugged it for now and maybe DH can get it off for me to properly repair this weekend. It's raining now and the temps are suppose to fall and by Saturday it's suppose to snow. Maybe that tractor will roam around this winter with a plug instead of a patch! this city girl sure never thought I'd be retired to a farm and having to deal with it all myself because DH has been spending all that time playing in the sand on the other side of the world. I'm ever so glad that his last 2 years before he retires will be spend near home. It's been wonderful having him here to help with big projects! It was extra nice he was home last Friday night when our 50 MPH winds whipped a partial piece of barn roofing off. We were all out there in that cold biting wind on tall ladders holding it down for dear life while 2 of us shot screws into the panel to hold it back down. After an hour we were all frozen as we drove back home. I even let them turn the heat up to 73 that night as we ran our hands under hot water and drank hot chocolate before climbing back into bed. Opening day of Deer season is this Saturday. I usually make the 4 hour drive each year to work at the SHARE warehouse packing the orders for the next week delivery. It's a bigger order because of all the extra holiday boxes that go out also. But this year I have to much I have to get done so will stay home and listen to the rifle shots going off. Made a deal with the NW MO gun club so they could hunt on our property this year but they have to come back and clean out the coyotes that have gotten out of hand here. Last winter I ran out of the house when I heard them in with the colts and next thing I knew I was out there alone with more than 50 of them surrounding me. They've gotten much thicker since then so I consented to let them hunt if they'd take care of my little problem. They've eaten all our rabbits and polished off all but 4 of our cats. I got to lock up the cats each night now and the dogs too! Anyway my 24 year old camped out a couple weeks ago with his rifle and tracked where they were at. The coyote season starts the same time as the deer season so everyone is happy. My DD works every Saturday and loves getting her cash payment at the end of the day. She loves working at the cafe and meeting so many people. Rosetta loves her because she washes dishes so well and fast. had to laugh Monday as went went out to eat after a old friends funeral and we ate at an Amish cafe. While we were there one of the Amish waiter's accidentally spilled a glass of water on my DD. She felt so bad and took my DD back to the kitchen to help her dry off and DD returned with her mouth hanging open! Mom! they have big dishwasher! I replied that the cafe she worked at had a dishwasher--her! But of course the Amish had a real dishwasher so they just racked up the dishes and ran them through! Big pots and every thing! Oh well, if Rosetta had a real dishwasher she probably wouldn't need DD! Better get off here and back to work. Hope you all have a great day and wonderful weekend!

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