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Tuesday evening

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It's been a very Grey dreary day here today. It's felt like night all day. Had the blinds wide open and had to have lights on to see. I can't hardly function on day's like this. Got rain moving in so I ache every where I got to ache. So grateful for that lovely hot tub in my bathroom on nights like this. Just before I go to bed I can go soak away the ache and hopefully sleep all through the night. Thankfully they said the sun was suppose to reappear tomorrow afternoon. Got a lot of outside stuff to finish up so will be scrambling tomorrow and Thursday to get done.

Got a big printing project to get done tonight for DH that he e-mailed me. It was 206 pages on a spread sheet so I couldn't get my printer to double side it like he needs. I let it scroll on and then manually deleted all the even pages and after that's done I'll have to repeat the process to manually delete all the odd pages and let it all print again. I have an older printer and it goes slow. I was hoping to go climb in bed early and actually read a book but this appears to be running 3 hours for each print set so it's going to be a long night. Maybe I can talk one of the kids into this project! Got my son who likes to sleep in, maybe tell him I'll leave him alone until noon if he'll see this project through! Gee, I feel better already!

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  1. JoAnn's Avatar
    We have those grey dreary days here the last few days too. But with flurries of snow in the evenings. Soak those pains away and enjoy the tub. Good luck with your printing job.
  2. faxonfive's Avatar
    lol, Dreary days really take it outta you!!! Make your son help!! You need some rest too!! Take care!!!

  3. wilbe95's Avatar
    I hate gray days, they are so depressing. When it is gray out I have to turn all of the lights on in the house to get motivated to do anything. Hope your printing job gets done soon. Enjoy the sun today if you do get it