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Never Ending Weekend. . .

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I am completely and utterly exhausted. Friday morning I got up bright and early, about 4:30 am or so to post freebies. Dh was working downstate (2 1/2 hrs away) on a jobsite, so I figured I might as well get in as many hours on the site as possible, Got the kids up and ready for school and sent them on their way.
By 9 am, the server had crashed, I reset it, repaired tables, double checked all the data, etc and continued posting a couple new recipes on the site and some more step by step photos. By noontime, the server crashed again, now- mind you, I've contacted a server company several times about switching and apparently they are not 1 of the millions out of work and searching for customers because the customer service from some of them is like getting teeth pulled with a string and toaster.

Then dh called and said that they needed someone to clean the construction site - the new doc's office was due to open on tuesday morning- He needed to come home (2 1/2 hr drive), switch vehicles, haul his work trailer up to the city (an hour North) to pick up more cabinets and then drive back down South. I said fine and headed out to clean his truck for him & get it stocked up and ready go, then into the kitchen to make dinner, thinking he would at least have time for meatloaf & potatoes. He came home, needed me to gut out the van- remove all his work tools, etc while he got the work trailer ready to go. I needed to put the seats back in the van (so I could haul my kids around with me) and then the kids and I set about scrubbing the van down inside so we could get up at 4 am Saturday morning and head out again.

Saturday Morning, 3:30 am, I'm up and posting freebies. At 5, I'm finally just about done and go wake the kids so we can get on the road, jump in the shower real quick and out the door by 5:40 am. Drive for 2 1/2 hours south, finally arrive and get to scrubbing the offices- Dental equipment, x-ray room, you name it- just a mess, drywall mud on the floor from the guys tracking in and out, paint splatters from the subs.
I didn't stop all day at all and about 5:30 or so dh comes in and says that we need to head out, get more cabinets/etc, there's another change order. Well, I hadn't intended to spend the night and work the next day, but Fine- we go eat, go get materials and head back to the hotel. By now it's 9:40 and we're all completely exhausted.

Bright and early 6 am we're up and out the door headed back to work. More contractors coming and going and then doc decides that amidst the commotion of hooking up the vpn, networking, etc, people scrubbing floors, installing cabinets (yet another change) he'd like his staff to move everything into the offices anyway.
So, with them underfoot, I continued scrubbing, only to have to go back and scrub again, in addition to the 45+ people coming and going, they thought it necessary to bring their children with them, ages 6, 4 & 17 months. Luckily I sent my creeps out to babysit (seems the adults weren't doing a very good job of it!).

So, by 6 pm, I was finally done and getting my stuff picked up and the boys and I headed back home. Well, it was foggy, so we hit traffic and didn't walk through the door until well after 8, which is when I discovered that my sites had been down since lunchtime the day BEFORE.


So, I stayed up until about 11 pm rebuilding site data, recovering the server, etc, finally at a little after 11pm I was able to sneak in a shower and crashed. 4 am comes all too soon Monday morning and once again I was up and posting freebies, I tried to post the list to gather and to the myspace page, but it wouldn't work, the pages wouldn't load and I didn't have time to waste.
I had to be in the city (North 1 hour away) by 8 am to pick up flooring, and then head 2 1/2 hours south to drop it off. Oh, but there's a catch- the dog was home alone all weekend and was going absolutely ape and was not having any of me leaving him home, so I had to bring the dog, in addition to that, the oil in the car needed to be changed because it had been nearly 4,000 miles (haha, in other words a couple weeks, lol) and I didn't want to take a chance of the motor seizing.
So I got the kids on the bus, loaded the dog in the car, dropped some movies off (that were late because I never went home the other night) ran to walmart, waited 25 minutes for them to do an oil change on the guy in front of me, then they proceed to tell me they can't change the oil because I have the dog , so I take the dog out of the car and walk him around the parking lot, then I notice they're standing around doing NOTHING while My car is sitting in the bay with the hood up, so I wait about 10 minutes before walking over and saying, "um, why aren't you changing the oil??"

Oh, they inform me that they can't change the oil because I am missing the oil cap. So by now, I'm not only late to get into the city to get the flooring and head south, but I am completely pissed because they are standing there looking at me like I'm going to produce an oil cap out of thin air so they can change the freaking oil!

I said, "so, if you don't plan on fixing the car, then why the hell is still sitting there with the hood UP??? Close the hood and I'll go Somewhere else. I obviously don't keep a spare cap in my purse."
And quite frankly, I'm ready to smack the crap out of them both.

The dog see's an old lady, yanks the leash, purse goes flying, contents go flying, mug of coffee goes flying and they're still standing there like a couple of morons wondering trying to figure out why I don't have an extra oil cap in my purse.

15 minutes later I am FINALLY on the road and I head to carquest, run in, by an oil cap, put it on, run down the road 3 miles to a Goodyear Service station and within 15 minutes they have the oil changed, I tip the tech because I am so Damn happy that someone finally did their job and I'm on my way to the city.
Unfortunately, now I have hit morning rush hour and the traffic is intense, so the normal hour commute has ballooned to nearly 2. I FINALLY get the flooring, the transition trim isn't in, so I suffer with a natural one, knowing full well that I will have to find stain to match it and then seal it (oh boy!), and head south. The dog has finally settled down and is no longer pacing in the car (remember I only have a 1 bench seat and the drivers seat, nothing else in it.

A few hours later I arrive at the jobsite, drop off the flooring, make a couple trips to various places in town for materials and I'm on my way home to get the boys off the school bus. One is already home, the other just climbing off the bus and I start cleaning house like a madwoman.
I'm trying to figure out what I can throw together that will feed the kids- knowing full well I am totally exhausted and can't take another minute. Dh had told me that he would be leaving early an actually coming home overnight (*YEAH*** Something finally going right!), but after getting about 10 minutes in on the computer, to post more freebies, the phone rings.

Turns out, Doc doesn't like the cabinets, he put in another change order, rip out the entire staff kitchen- all the cabinets on the wall, move the plumbing (which is through Concrete, btw), so dh not only WON'T be coming home, but WILL be working all night again, and they need someone to drive up North in the City to the Cabinet place to pick up some cabinets and then drive back down South!
So I call some friends, (since all my family lives far away) and ask if they can take the boys overnight and get them on the bus in the morning to school, and they say okay. I get some clothes together, wash my face, make a pot of coffee, and then rip out the bench seat out of the van, lay a quilt down on the floor and grab some pillows for the 7+ foot cabinets I'll be cramming into it. I drop the kids off and head to store for pickup, the guys argue with me that there's no way I can fit those in the van, I, of course say, just do it, and we did. Cabinets to my right stacked floor to ceiling and from the dashboard all the way to the back gate... and now I can only use my drivers side mirror and about 1/3 of my review- left side only. A few hours later ( about 9:30 last night) I managed to get there. We unloaded the cabinets brought them in, I picked up around the site for a little bit and then we decided to find a hotel room. 5:30 this morning, we headed back to the jobsite to get the cabinets installed before the office opened to see patients! Dh & some subs headed in and I headed out back by all the work trailers of equipment to grab a rake and shovel and start cleaning the yard to make sure it was spotless. By nearly 1 pm I had had my fill and I was done. I told them I had to head home it's a long drive and I need to be there when the kids get off the bus. So, at 3:36 this afternoon I pulled into the driveway, phone was ringing as I was unlocking the door and I wasn't about to answer it.

After a few minutes of putting things away I logged into the site to moderate messages and found 23 unpaid advertisements- a few posts and a few pm's that I still haven't read and not sure If I'll get to them tonight or not. Now, I have to figure out what to make for dinner- my impromptu weekend cost me, food-wise, because I had pre-planned leftovers and was in such a hurry that I didn't have time to package the meals up and freeze them, which really aggravates me, I hate wasting food. Ugh,.. I want to sit here, drink my mug of tea and veg out, but I have to go figure out what to make for dinner, and dat gum it, I just realized that I completely forgot to go to Target to get gift cards (for the experience points prizes), while I was in the city up North! :4_2_204v[1]:

Double Grr. Is it Bedtime YET??

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Random Thoughts


  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Holy cow!!! I thought my last 4 days sucked but now I can appreciate how well it went! At least on Sunday the whole world knows no matter what I and mine go to Church and it is Sunday and I do not work except for the Lords work so that is the one day my phone doesn't ring and hubby doesn't even dream of asking... I at least had a day to recover! Right now I run the farm alone with the kids. Hubby only comes home on weekends if he can. And as we both know that can be a blessing! Take care dear friend.. Hopefully the coming week will be better!
  2. mdowdy's Avatar
    Ok suddenly my busy schedule I have had does not seem to be so bad. Thanks Liss for putting it into perspective. Get some rest, coffee can't last but so long
  3. faxonfive's Avatar
    Wow, and I was complainingg about work here, my heart goes out to you Liss. You have really gone through alot in the past couple days. You need a couple days break at a retreat!! Get some rest - coffee - prop your feet up and relax!!

    Take care girl!!!

  4. beansthemama's Avatar
    Wow you need a real vacation after all that! Poor thing hope your week goes better. Take care!
  5. JoAnn's Avatar
    You are a busy women--Stay strong--Get some rest, when you can. Hope you have a better week.
  6. wilbe95's Avatar
    Wow, wish I was nearer to be able to lend a helping hand. Hopefully that job is over and the next one will not require so much of your efforts to make it work. Of course, you will give your help-that is just what we do . Hope you have a better week
  7. arleneb's Avatar
    WOW! sorry I asked about no emails. I am exhausted after just reading about your weekend. You need a rest!
  8. scoobydoo1950's Avatar
    Look at the bright side...Atleast you lead a very interesting life Rest and Enjoy God will Bless You