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Do you Freecycle? I do, and I've gotten and given many nice things this way. Recently, I've received 3 small area rugs, a complete math curriculum for my youngest, and today I am off to retrieve a small dog crate for my new doggy.

Freecycle is an excellent way to keep things in your community but out of the landfills.

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  1. faxonfive's Avatar
    I have used freecycle, but I prefer Craigslist.....I have gotten a few nice things from both!!


  2. wilbe95's Avatar
    Ihaven't done freecycle. Most of the things I have that are still nice I give to the ReHab (Habitat for Humanity Store) so that they can use it in a home. I will also call a friend who seems to have connections and most of my stuff she will take to others for one reason or another. She has a cousin who collects the stained holed up clothes to use for making quilts or stuffing for pillows and stuffed animals.
  3. beansthemama's Avatar
    I have not used freecycle I have heard lots of good things about it though.
  4. JoAnn's Avatar
    freecycle here in the county that I live in is so busy. Alot of needs and wants for this time of year. Can't seem to even look there. May have to look at craigs list , never been on that site. Would like to get some quart jars.
  5. Liss's Avatar
    The thing that I find frustrating with FreeCycle is that LOTS of times the Mod's of the group withhold the best items for themselves and then turn around and sell them. I've come across this in several areas and it really aggravates me.
  6. Baggz1971's Avatar
    I like Freecycle and have received and given many things. But when do you get off Moderation Status. I have been in the group playing by the rules for over a year and my things don't post fast. So I usually go to Craigslist first.
  7. danghsia's Avatar
    I used freecycle but mostly I give out stuff LOL
  8. Barbararuth's Avatar
    Love to freecycle. So much nicer than thinking of all the stuff going to dump. Why throw away good things? As to getting off moderation, send a note to the moderator, I had to do that.