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Freebie Postings..

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I posted several Freebies this evening. Thought that I had done a good job. But that wasn't the case. I posted them without links not realizing that they had to be posted with links. Well I had seen enough posting that didn't have links. And the ones without links , I'd just copy the name and put into the tool bar. And bingo ! I would then scoll down the page and find the Freebie I was looking for. --so I didn't see any wrong at the time, doing it this way. Well I know now. This still sucks to me. But yes this is how we learn.

We all learn from are mistakes ( I did ). I went back and corrected the ones that I saw.. I believe I got them all, If not let me know.. I had to sit here and figure out where I got these Freebies.... I felt like a school kid that had to redo their assignment.

Again for the ones that I wasted your time --I'm really sorry --about this.

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    You did not waste anyones time JoAnn! It is a learning process. You found some really great freebies. Keep posting!! It is a lot of work to find the freebies. I appreciate it all the work you did!
  2. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Whoa! Back that train up, you didn't waste anyones time hun, it's a lot of work finding those freebies you posted!

    Well I had seen enough posting that didn't have links.
    If you find those, click the report button so we can go in and fix them. Sometimes if it's for an ongoing campaign (like a houseparty) I don't add a link, because they're all at the houseparty site. But I can if it makes it easier on you guys.

    Again for the ones that I wasted your time --I'm really sorry --about this.
    Now worries, you didn't waste anyones time.
  3. JoAnn's Avatar
    Thank-You for the shoulder rub...
    I needed that.

    I have been enjoying it here.I wanted to share in my findings the correct way. So enough here ----Keep going forward now I will.
    I'll pull it out of gear now.
  4. beansthemama's Avatar
    No need for a sorry! We are human! No worries!
  5. danghsia's Avatar
    it ok
    no worry
    everyone make mistake :P