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Loving this site

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So I love this site! It is great. I spend a lot of time here, it is a nice get away! Most of all I am earning free stuff for learning ways to save! Who would have ever thought! I traded my points today for a Arch card which I can use as a stocking stuffer, or to give to one of the nieces or nephews. It sure pays off! Thanks

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Checking mail is not such a chore anymore is it. I am so anxious to go see what maybe came. Disappointing when nothing does but I get almost giddie for the day when something does arrive. This is a great site and the people on here are what really helps to make it great
  2. JoAnn's Avatar
    A wonderful site this is -- like you said learning and earning. So it is nice to check the mail now, something usually is there.. Kinda of neat looking forward to going to the Post Office. Never thought that would happen.