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It's chilly outside today. The wind was whipping all night long. It was so loud that I had to turn my television on to help block out the sounds outside, which are more sleep-disrupting than middle of the night talk television.

Anyway, chilly, windy nights make for chilly days, and today's high is in the lower 50s, with more wind and rain expected later on (and maybe some snowfall, too!) Rather than crank up the heat, I turn to the stove. I keep my heat set at 58 degrees. Cooking hearty, hot meals helps heat the house and the tummies much quicker and more energy efficiently than turning on the heat.

Breakfast was oatmeal made from my huge tub of oats. I made only enough for one serving per person, leaving no waste behind at all. Lunch will be chicken soup made from leftovers (so, esentially, a "free" meal" and "free" heat). Dinner will be pinto beans, cooked from dry. I soaked the beans overnight and will start them cooking around noon, which will heat up the main portion of my house. I'll serve them with cornbread made from scratch, too.

So I am cooking every ounce of food from scratch today, plus keeping the heat off by keeping the pots boiling all day long.

Go me!

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