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Change is HARD

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Change is hard... nearly impossible in fact. Even with the best of intentions and planning, I've noticed that I slowly revert back to the thing I want to change the most.

Why do we do that?

Well, for one, we are creatures of habit. Even if we hate something, the familiarity of it is easier than moving on and trying something different.

For me, that intense hatred is Facebook. I've been beating a dead horse for several years now, spending more and more time each day searching for new and interesting content to share to keep my fans engaged and the other day when I shared a post to raise awareness about suicide during the holidays, I learned something very interesting.

Many of the people who follow Budget101 on facebook are not fans. They don't even know that this site is our family's blog. They don't know what the REAL Budget101 is even about... and it's not their fault. Why would they?

I've spent several years jumping through Facebook's hoops that they insist we must follow:

  • increasing the posting up to 24x's per day
  • posting at intervals based on the times our fans are online
  • posting even amounts of links, photos, videos and engagement posts
  • Making FB videos, even though they routinely locked me out of my own account for copyright infringement for videos that I literally filmed and created myself and purchased rights to the music that I included in them.
  • Adding Games, then a few weeks later when the algorithm changed, removing games
  • Advertising- oh this was the biggest sham of all, they'd send me notes to "boost" posts for $1,500- $4,000 so the people who liked my page could see them. Not new people, the people that already decided they'd like to follow my page. And where, pray-tell did they think I was going to find 4 THOUSAND dollars to share a link back to a recipe or article on my website?? and how in satans balls am I going to get a return out of that???

Ol' Zuck's pretty proud of his privacy invading platform from hell and they can literally block you at any moment for ANYTHING they deem inappropriate.

Like a reply comment as innocent as, "Big Brother is Always watching".

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Apparently, the truth hurts! Big Brother was watching and they didn't like being called out for it. They brag on their page that their proactive detection rate for violence & hate speech increased to 97%. Yet, you can see from the screenshot of my post what they deemed a "Violation of Facebook Standards". It's all lies and bullshit folks and I, for one, have had more than my fill of the fascist platform known as Facebook.

I can't see spending any more time building an audience that doesn't even know who I am or what I stand for, getting called racist or bigoted by people who clearly don't know anything about me or my family.

So, effective immediately, I'll be returning my efforts to and those who have always been here for me as I have been for them, all of YOU.

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Various Thoughts


  1. HerbLady's Avatar
    I don't blame you. FB has turned into a soulless borg. I check it about once a week.