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The life and mind of Tarrien

Just Saying Hallo

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So plenty has happened since 2013. The job I had dealing cards at the casino got unsafe so I decided it is far better to work for my own passions than it is to potentially be in danger. Emotionally the job became a monster under the bed. My husband continued to work for them after I left for insurance and they wanted the monetary stability. They then completely overhauled the entire company into a discordian mess. People are leaving in droves and nothing is done to stop the misery they've accumulated. My husband quit a week ago. We both are much happier.

I found a site that lets me read tarot and make a good amount of money. I have a lot more control over my life now. The one thing is its hard to find motivation, even though this is a dream job. I suppose when you're so used to other people having that much control, its a bit difficult to shift to a "be your own boss" position. Its strange in the fact that if it WERE something I'd be doing for someone else, it'd be more motivation than to do it for myself. I think even though I am part of a "self interested" generation, I'm much better in a circumstance where its helping someone else.

Wandering back to this site and picking up a few freebies. I've been following on FB and playing around with some of the recipes. I haven't really been ON this site unless I wanted the Watermelon pickle recipe. I may be on more often as now our funds are less than what they used to be- but still a great deal more than when I originally joined the site in 2009.

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    I don't check in very often but it's great to see an old friend when I do check in! Hope all goes well for you. Our oldest son has moved his family in after losing his job. He's a computer programmer and is sick of constantly hunting for another job. More and more US companies are bring in programmers from India and paying them minimum. He's been working here as a substitute teacher and loves it so much he is working on getting certified so he can work as a teacher. The program Missouri got him into is good in 12 other states. Tennessee wants him to come there and work one year as a student teacher and they are thinking of doing that. We just returned from 2 days in Nashville and they really want to move there. My sister lives there so they can live with her. Never a boring moment around here!
  2. Tarrien's Avatar
    brchbell, Its good to see you too! I'm glad your son pursuing a dream that suits him. I think it'll turn out well. Sounds like everything is at least falling into place for him!