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What did I do to save money today?

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That's a question I often ask myself, and as I strive to be more and more frugal, I ask it more often.

So what did I do that was frugal today?

Well, my daughter had a rash break out on her tummy, back, arms, and face, and her doctor advised Aveeno baths. I know that colloidal simply means finely divided (or, blended really really well), so I got out the trusty blender (purchased on 1/2 price day at the thrift store for $2.50) and the big tub o' old fashioned oats (huge tub, for under $3), and I made my own "Aveeno" bath. The cost of the blender is nil, because I bought it last summer and it has already paid for itself. The oats cost was less than a quarter for four baths' worth. A box of Aveeno, with 8 packets of finely ground oats, costs around $6. So my frugal move was to make my own, at a savings of around $5.50 for the same number of packets.

The other frugal-ish thing I did today was to feed the kids for free. They're both signed up for Pizza Hut's Book It program, and had each earned their certificates for October. So, they each got a free & clear personal pan pizza (cost me the gas money to get there: 6 miles round trip). I did not buy myself any pizza, and my husband's in Iraq, so the girls were the only ones eating pizza. FREE pizza.

Doing something frugal every day is my goal. Actually my goal is to be more frugal than doing ONE thing per day, but striving for frugality is the main point.

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  1. JoAnn's Avatar
    Awsome point --taking one step at a time. I know that I strive to be more frugal each day. And this site reminds me of that goal each day too. I know that I look at things a whole lot differently then I did a few months back. And really it is a good feeling too.
  2. wilbe95's Avatar
    Great job being frugal! I question each day also what have I done to save a little. Some day's not much , get caught up in other things and hard to change. Thanks for the friendly reminder to think each time how can I save a little.
  3. faxonfive's Avatar
    Way to go DohDoh!! Its a slow process but when you can find places to be frugal they just roll into place!!! God Bless you and your family and thank your husband for serving our country proudly in Iraq - THANK YOU!!
  4. beansthemama's Avatar
    Well said! Being frugal is the best way to do it
  5. brchbell's Avatar
    My husband served in Afghanistan and Iraq for 5 years. While he was gone his guard unit gave me gift cards for lots of fast food places so all 6 of us could eat out once a week free of charge. I sure hope your husbands unit has a program like that too! It was a great moral booster for us as just as he was leaving the 1st time we had a cash buyer for our house but we had to be out in 6 days and my oldest was on his 2 year mission and the next oldest was in the hospital having a tumor cut out of his leg. I can tell you I had 6 days I can't even remember and it was horrible enough even the son that was in the hospital hardly remembers it! I had 2 7 yr olds and a 10 yr old and no one else to help. We through everything in trash bags and I rented a storage unit and we killed ourselves but right up to the closing time we were still making another trip to the storage unit. We were at that point homeless. we tried a rented place in town and it was so horrible we pitched a tent up on the land we had purchased earlier that year and had started a pole barn just the poles were up and two panels of metal on the roof. We zipped sleeping bags together and sleep all together and made it by shear will. We built a big fire each morning and prayed mightly for Dad who was fighting over there and for us to know what we needed to do and we made it. I never built anything in my life but that year we finished the pole barn made rooms, insulated and wired and plumbed it. I even hooked the wiring up to the meter box myself. No public water so we ran our own line from our pond. My husband bawled when he came home on leave that first time. He had no clue that the day after he left his family became homeless. The first month we had to shovel snow almost every day so we could work. While it seems so hard to most folks I think my Father in Heaven blessed us with this project so we could get our family out of debt and so we never had time to worry about what Dad was doing over there. He's been stateside this last year working with the predator drones they fly over in Iraq and now is working with his guard unit as he recovers from his cancer surgery earlier this Spring. I hope you are able to cope with everything and all goes well for you and your family!