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Day 6: Scale Revelations

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So we're in the middle of day 6 of our whole30 challenge... and I have a problem... I've just learned the last few days that I am an addict. I didn't know I had a problem but I do... I'm addicted to weighing myself. A few years back my sweet husband bought me this wonderful scale, it tells you your percentage of body fat based on your height, your weight, your level of activity, etc and from the day I received it, I've used it faithfully twice per day, first thing in the morning and last thing before bed, just to ensure that I am maintaining my "proper weight". Enter the whole30 challenge where weighing oneself is a big no-no and the day before we started, we weighed ourselves and then put the scale away.

Herein lies the problem, I get up, brush me teeth and head for the scale and she's not there. That little bitch with an attitude that tells me how my day is going to be... up 3 pounds from yesterday (bad day ahead), down a pound from yesterday (great day, happy- ready to tackle the world). It literally dawned on me this morning as I walked from the bathroom and glanced down to the spot she normally sets, waiting to tell me, "Hey, one at a time".. and I realized that I am an addict.
A scale addict, a number addict, that I judge myself according to my weight, I didn't realize that I was doing that to myself, what a terrible way to perceive oneself or to judge self worth, as a number on the scale.

This whole30 journey has offered some important revelations that I hadn't previously considered and I find myself wondering.. what will I learn about me next!

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