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Day 2- The Bitter Truth

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So.. we cleaned out the pantry, wiped out the fridge of anything and everything that doesn't fit into the whole30 program. I confess, I didn't read the book, I perused parts of it, it's basically the Atkins diet on speed, haha. Eat Meat, Fish, veggies and very few fruit (um, that's atkins in a nutshell). No sugar, no alcohol, no carbs (aka grains, corn, taters)- again that's atkins. Cute, clever name though: Whole30. Whole foods, the kind you can't get in the USA any longer because every single damn thing in the grocery store is processed including the fruit that's sprayed with 400,000 toxins. (I'm being facetious).
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To the right is a quickie shot of the inside of my fridge, we've got eggs up the ying-yang (we get a few dozen a day from our girls), avocados, strawberries, blueberries, Watermelon, zucchini, ground turkey, mango, cilantro, fresh mushrooms, homemade mango salsa, some nitrate free bacon, flank steak, papaya (diced for quick munching), lemons, cukes, broccoli, fresh spinach, bell peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, fresh pineapple, some leftover sweet potato chili (yes, whole30 approved) and some onions, bell peppers and celery in the bottom drawer. That one little drawer there that you can see is a few things for the kids (sandwich supplies)- cheeses, homemade flour tortillas for quickie panini's etc- but again, off limits to us while we're Whole30'ing it).

The problem with having this much Fresh food is.. you have to eat it quickly, fresh fruit/veggies only last a few days.

So this is the end of Day 2 and we have followed the protocol to a T and by that I mean I haven't had a decent cup of coffee in 2 damn days..... adding almond milk to it makes it taste like burnt almonds.. like the one you might find in the bottom back right corner of your oven when you're doing a deep clean... a charred little piece of almond crap.

I tried coconut oil.. it's actually ok.. not great, I don't particularly care for the slimy texture it creates nor do I care for the extra ring of slime it leaves behind on the mug. It's a no-no to make a creamer that you might actually like because that's SWYPO... you know, "sex with your pants on", I'm beginning to wonder if the author of this book/program ever got laid in her lifetime?!

Aside from those things, I feel fine, no headaches, no frustrations or anger issues (aside from some sucky family members that think only of themselves) but that's an entirely different blog post, isn't it?!

I'm intensely proud of my hubby for sticking to his guns, we sat 2 feet from the kids as they devoured a fresh hand-tossed pizza with the most excellent scents emanating from it and just when I thought I couldn't stand it anymore.. they finished the last bite.

If I don't lose at least 10 pounds from this process, I'll beat someone half to death.

Note to self, I hope this gets easier, I'm already tired of stressing over food when I wouldn't normally give it a second thought.

Over and out.

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