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Well For one..I'm 38 years old..Not sure if I'm going threw Menopause..or I'M prego..Doing a test tomorrow..Scared..Having hot flashes..and no period..just brown stuff....for two days and went away..we will see in the morning..I have two son's one is 18 The other is 10...scared here

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  1. Vampixen's Avatar
    Any help will be helpful If someone knows scared here
  2. Vampixen's Avatar
    Thank god it was Negative
  3. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Stress will cause many of the same symptoms . .
  4. wizbuh's Avatar
    I know this is an older post but hormonal changes will cause this too. It could be you are in peri menopause. The first stages but not yet full blown. I have symptoms too from my tubal ligation. It caused my ovaries to partially shut down. Much love and best of luck