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Checking in

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I keep thinking I'll be back on this site daily again but things are so hectic I rarely have time to sit down and go online. I thought when we retired I'd have all this time to do the things I wanted to do but I've discovered I have way less time now. One thing after another keeps happening. Right now my husband took a job to help pay off our debts faster and that dumped 100% of the farm on me plus I grow 87% of our food each year so that is a major part of my day along with the extra farm work.

My husband claims we'll have everything including the house paid off within 4 years. I sure hope he's right! Then things can settle down and we can get back to normal.

My daughter is serving a mission for our church right now. She had started out in Mexico City last year but she picked up a parasite and was rushed back home when she started losing over 20 pounds per week. She had to be escorted by a nurse and she weighed 79lbs when she got here. Its taken a year to get her well again. Now she is serving in Northern Idaho sharing the gospel with Chinese and Spanish immigrants. Its been a month and she seems to be flourishing there and I am much happier that they found a stateside location she could serve at. We get weekly letters from her and she gets 1 hour each Monday to send out e-mails. She is allowed to call us each Christmas and Mother's day. She received her release date of 23 November 2016 so she will have a little over a month with us before she returns to University.

Guess I better get back to work. Just wanted to check in and let you know I'm thinking of you and sure miss checking in every day.

Have a blessed day,

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