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Grief and Anger

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July has been a rather rough month so far. I lost my mother on the 2. Although expected, it still hurts. And there is a bit of guilt because it is also relief. I know my mother is no longer in pain and the quality of life she had the last few months wasn't good. By turns I am sad, numb, angry and relieved.
Then this morning my little inner voice said, "Call and check your bank balance." I did. To my shock I was vastly overdrawn. I immediately went on line to determine where I had goofed. I hadn't. Some a-hole in another state had hacked my checking account. Needless to say the bank is on it. I filed a police report that may or may not get results. My inner redneck wants a piece of whom ever did it. I think staked naked over an anthill for a few hours might make restitution. After all, it took me nearly all morning talking to the bank, the police, and my credit card holders. Not to mention the headache I got in the process and the fact that I can't access my own meager money for 5-10 days at least. Why do people have to do this? What is wrong with making an honest living?

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  1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    So sorry to hear of the loss of your mom, that's incredibly difficult and I hope that you're doing better. On the redneck desire to get a piece of them, that's completely Rational, sane and it would be well deserved. Hopefully you've gotten your money back by this point. Hang in there hon, better days are on their way. Hugs