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Chosen Simplicity

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My husband and I are debt free. It fills wonderful. Our bills consist of utilities and insurance. We have one credit card with a zero balance. Our home is modest, but we have no mortgage. We drive older vehicles,but we have no car payments. It took us several years to get to this point ,and we made a lot of sacrifices along the way. Now that we are debt free it fells so good.We had a few set backs ,but we struggled through. We had to take custody of our grandson,that really set us back on our struggle to be debt free.Not only were the lawyers Very expensive and the cost of raising a child is outrageous. We did it though,(patting myself on the back.) There were many times I wondered if it was worth all the trouble. I will admit that there were a couple of times I took money that was earmarked for the bank , and went on a little spending spree. I bought only things that were needed so I tell myself that it isn't so bad,lol. It was worth it all. No more worries about making a mortgage . No more worries about car payments and high insurance on it. It is sooo nice to have money to put in our savings and be able to watch it grow.Now that we are debt free the struggle is not so bad. Now we are putting everything we can into savings and retirement . It took a long while and I often wondered if we would make it.We did make it though and I am so glad and stress free.

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