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Raised bed garden

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I normally have a rather large garden at my house. I have a nice piece of land that allows me to play farmer with my dad. This year my mother's dementia has come to the point that someone has to be with her round the clock. This meant no big garden. I really like fresh veggies and they offset the cost of groceries so I decided to build a raised garden at my parents house since I spend my days there. I liked the square foot garden ideas and have mostly followed that. It was a bits and pieces build. I scrounged up concrete blocks as my frame, used left over landscape fabric for the bottom and Friday I finally got the dirt in. I planted tomatoes and cucumbers in the blocks themselves and bell peppers in recycled flower pots (some with minor holes) around the ends. In the bed itself I am planting some radishes and bush beans. There should be room for more but I don't yet know what that will be. I also included some marigolds for color and to attract pollinators. Here's hoping it all works the way it should.

I hope there are others of ya'll out there who offset your grocery costs with a garden even if it is grown in containers.

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