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Why I absolutely LOATHE Facebook...

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Size:  14.8 KBFacebook, Facebook, Facebook.... I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOATHE this "resource" online. It is the #1 source of contentment in my life because it's an evil necessity for Websites and blogs. The vile media has put so much emphasis on it that people fall all over it. Here are just a few reasons why I don't love FB...

1. NO Privacy- not enough a hint of attempted privacy and they're Proud of themselves for it. Their lovely little app forces you to agree to let them have access to pretty much every single little thing within your device.. control of the mic, the photos, the other apps, etc. Yet, only a few folks seem to give a damn or even understand the ramifications of what they're giving access to. Do you have passwords on your device, family photos (too bad! they're public now), sensitive documents (better format first!)...

2. It Encourages Theft of Content. Most people don't understand when they copy and paste a recipe or article or screenshot and article and then share it that it is THEFT. Pure and simple, if you want to share something - LINK to it. People spend a great deal of time and energy writing articles, taking step by step tutorials/photos and purchasing the materials to do such. It's not free or Cheap to create a website and content (unless you're one of those POS content scrapers aka that steals from legit sites to make a quick buck).

3. People Mistakenly think it's Free. Facebook is NOT Free. Not for the page owners who strive to share posts with you daily. For example, did you know that in order for us (page-owners) to display content to ALL of our Fans, we have to pay to 'Boost' the post. Otherwise, less than a tenth of a Single percent of our fan base actually sees the post.

Here's an example, we shared this post about Candied Flowers- we have (actually had!- past tense- see next post) 1,123,000 Fans - In order to display this post to ALL of our Fans, Facebook mandates that we PAY for the Post. Here's how much they want, Literally $4,000 for ONE Post. Seriously, this isn't a JOKE.

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So If I want ALL of Budget101's FB fans to see a Share, I would Literally have to Pay about $4K PER Day PER POST. So to break that down, they want us to pay .09 per person to read our FREE Site and FREE post. Mmm..kay... one problem... We're not SELLING anything.. so how do we go about recouping that expense? Oh yeah, that's right, we DONT.

Hey facebook, this is my Family's website and we're not some big conglomeration with thousands of dollars to waste. It's not even possible for me to recoup that money in a years time from a post, let alone in a day.

4. Which brings me to my 4th reason for hating Facebook with every fiber of my being. Over the last 18 months, I have literally spent a minimum of 3 hours per day (holidays included) finding things to share and post on FB. I average 10 items or more per day to ensure that at least Some of our fans are able to see content. Of these 10 posts, usually 3 link back to our site here and the rest link to other peoples sites.

Bemusingly..... it would seem the words itself it throttled. When I don't include the URL to our site, the post gets 50,000 views or more, if I add B101 to the post, it generally gets less than 10K views. Out of 1.1 MILLION

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But wait.. there's more... Facebook has a New Culling Policy- they're randomly deleting FB fans from Pages. Supposedly, it's to weed out inactive accounts, but I literally watched 10,000 people disappear from my page this morning and have lost over 150K in the last month alone.

So why pray-tell would I continue to spend 3 hours a day of my time... that's nearly 1,100 hours a Year... literally 45 Entire DAYS of my life every year Just Facebooking to ensure our fans can see tips.

Well, to be honest, I don't KNOW why any more. I did it for our Fans and Members, I did it to help people see new things and get new ideas. If, out of 15 new things you see on our site each day, only ONE of them saves you some time or money, it was worth it... But these companies keep changing the rules and frankly my dear... I'm getting Fed Up with it.

That's 3 hours I could be spending creating new articles, taking step by step photographs and sharing stuff here on my own site.

Folks, I honestly just don't know which end is up anymore.

Over and Out.

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  1. anniemdaffodils's Avatar
    This is insane. I hope people will find your website without having to go through FB. Outrageous fee
  2. Tarrien's Avatar
    Holy crud, I had no idea they charged you for posts. That's crazy!
  3. anniemdaffodils's Avatar
    It just gets worse and worse, doesn't it? I am glad you have brought this to my attention, and is there anything the ordinary FB user can do to help?
  4. anniemdaffodils's Avatar
    Also, you make a very good point about the lack of privacy. Most people, myself included, just glance at those user agreements w/o really reading them as they are so long. Way too trusting of this. I am taking this as a cautionary tale regarding all user agreements. Thanks.
  5. ajammes's Avatar
    No problem finding B101. It is pinned all over pinterest. That's how I found it. I don't have a facebook at all. Many of my friends want to know why. Simply put- no privacy. Add to that I am a teacher and if I have a student who sends a friend request and I accept, there is the potential for me to get into trouble. NO THANKS!