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When it rains it pours

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My computer up and died and ended up having to buy a new one. Stuck with windows 8.1 and its been a nightmare. They gave me 8 pages of keystroke fixes which I've needed to use constantly. DH says he hates Lenix but I used of his Lenix laptops until we could afford to get me a new one and it was way easier to use than Windows 8.1. I'm thinking I'll take this over to my son and let him install Lenix on it and be done with windows 8.1. Its been 6 weeks and I've hated every minute of this new computer. It is very unfriendly to users.

We've had flu running through our family and thinking we are seeing the last of it now.

Our hot water heater has given up the ghost as of Friday afternoon. Its long sounded like it was going to explode but now water is pouring out of it so I have to turn off the water to it and then turn it on each time someone needs hot water and then get it back off before down stairs gets flooded out.

Our furnace gave up the ghost and the pellet heater motor went out so we are now heating with little nonelectric propane heaters and they are working great. Next year we'll get the furnace replaced just in case we leave for long periods of time. The new pellet stove we got uses 4 times as much pellets and the house always feels cold so we turned it off and went with the little propane heaters last week and its working much better. They use much less propane than the furnace. We have an above ground heat pump but it stops working at 25degrees and we've had 4 months of single digit temps so far this winter which uses up lots of propane. We had it set at 50 degrees and using the pellet stove but this new one uses way to much pellets so its not worth using it at all.

The tractor battery died so we couldn't plow the snow. Our road grader asked me why we weren't plowing and plowed our 1/4 mile long driveway for us so we could get to town and get a new battery. Hoping we are done with snow for the year but we still have a couple months of winter to go.

I should be grateful for January as it was much warmer this year but all its done is make me hate the extreme cold that much more. I want to become one of those winter snow birds that goes south for the winter and then returns home in the spring time.

We are down to 2 cats and 2 dogs and 8 chickens. I'm thinking of giving the chickens away and having the kids take turns coming once a week to deal with the dogs and cats. They belong to the kids so they can take care of them. Maybe the kids in Topeka can take them all. All I know for sure is the chickens are mine and I can get rid of them easy enough. So I can put the kids on notice and let them figure out the dogs and cats.

Momma's old bones need to go south to a beach for the winter. We can do winter up through ringing in the new year and then go south for 2 months and then return home in time for the Spring thaw.

So I am still here and doing my best to survive but sure am looking forward to Spring!


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