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What a Litigious Society we live in . . .

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I rarely listen to the news these days, partly because it's rarely any actual "news" and instead mostly hype designed to fill people with baseless fear.. but on the rare occasion that I do subject myself to the drivel of the morning news I am usually floored by the insanity of the world.

Take this morning for instance.. people are literally SUING their cities and towns because their children have gotten hurt sledding. Sledding. You know, grabbing whatever you can slide on (as kids we grabbed trashbags, cardboard boxes, tupperware bowl lids (until your mother caught you!)- you name it and went zooming down the nearest hill.

We built snow jumps, lugged buckets of water to make ICE paths to ensure we'd go even faster. The hill where we went sledding curved and if you neglected to jump off the sled, you'd shoot out into the road to play a game of frogger with oncoming traffic. That's how it was done back in the day, but not today folks.

Nope, today, we bundle our kids up, don them with padded helmets, a bullet proof vest, shots to prevent them from getting frostbite or discomfort of any sort, knee and elbow pads and then, of course, when they do fall (roll?) off the sled because they're 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide from all the "protection" we SUE the poor soul who was kind enough to let them sled on their property to begin with.

What the Hell has the world come to?

Let's take it a step further... yesterday they did a poll on television asking people whether or not they should have the Right to SUE parents who DONT vaccinate their kids. Seriously?! Interesting.. my own child has had a negative vaccine reaction- he went from perfectly healthy and happy to wheezing, having Lung damage and needing an inhaler to BREATHE. But Some litigious fool who would rather live off the system than EARN a living should have the right to SUE me because their kid might get a RASH?! Wow, just wow. Did you know that NO ONE has died from the Measles in the United States in the last 15-20 years.. but 108 people HAVE died from the Measles Vaccine. Now that's Food for thought!

You know what would be amazing? If people suddenly took responsibility for their own actions and their own Lives. If people would strive to work for a living and earn what they have and STOP suing for every ridiculous little thing.

Need another example, look at the poor folks at Redbull who got sued because their product didn't actually give people "Wings". I'm not kidding. Apparently it didn't give anyone any common sense either.

Sadly, this is the degradation of society these days...

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