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I love the changing season's

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Its snowed twice this week, just a light dusting each time. It's been really cold. We went from highs in the 70's to highs in the 20's literally overnight. So its been hard to handle as we didn't have to slow change over we normally have. But never the less, I love the changing seasons! We are suppose to get 3" of snow Saturday through Sunday and I can't wait!

We are adjusting to being empty nesters. I asked all my adult kids a couple weeks ago who would like to host Thanksgiving or if they all wanted to come home again. Our oldest son quickly piped up that they would love to host this years dinner. My dear daughter in law let me know the next day that she's never done a big dinner and would love some help. I will make the 3 hour drive the day ahead of time to help her out.( They are in Topeka, KS) I make the award winning pies so she was excited to have me. I also assigned others to bring side dishes to help her out.

This is our first venture out away from home and I'm excited that I'm not the one left with all those leftovers. My husband and I have gone vegan but due eat eat occasionally, maybe 2 or 3 times a year. I told my DIL she can pressure can or freeze all the left overs and make turkey broth with the bones to help build up her food stores. She is excited so I'm praying this will be a good experience for her.

We have been busy planning the menu and making lists so we have everything we need.

Now my mind is turning to Christmas. I think we'll have that here at home. 3 of them are going to California for Christmas so we'll have less.

I love Christmas. I love decorating and baking and wrapping and well I love Christmas! My husband hates it. Tough luck darling, I already have my Christmas boxes pulled out and ready to unpack! I'm making Christmas stars now to add to our decorations.

I made 2 quilts so far and have ideas for the others. I have 2 other quilts started but will hold them for next year. Big change for me. Not pushing like a crazy to get things done. I have no problems buying part of my gifts this year. I'll make some soap and do up bath baskets for what of them and have lists for each of them and already have ideas for the final wrap up gift. I am leaving DH in charge of wrapping the last gifts up. He has been busy ordering books and looking for other things. So he can finish up Christmas while I decorate.

Hope you all have a lovely Holiday season too!

Cherlynn in NW Missouri

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