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DIY Recipe Album

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I have always wanted to make my own recipe book/album/binder. Being on a medical leave from work and being stuck at home I decided I was going to start. I have/had a full go green bag full of recipes that I have clipped from packaging, internet print outs, from family and pinterest. I purchased an acid based photo album that way I can organize the recipes I have currently the way I want.
Step 1: get all of the recipes together, go through all the magazines I know have recipes in them and rip pages out, copy pages if needed and start clipping excess paper off and get them into one pile.
Step 2: organize by category
Step 3: make dividers for the album
Step 4: go through each category/pile and put the recipes into the album.

If anyone reading this has any tips or ideas on organizing, PLEASE feel free to let me know!

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Various Thoughts


  1. Lisar808's Avatar
    i have done this a couple of years ago ended up with 4 note books love it . i put mine in page protectors.
  2. anniemdaffodils's Avatar
    Great idea. Also I have way too much "stuff" and way too many cookbooks. Sometimes I will photocopy the one or two recipes I use from a cookbook and then give the cookbook away. I put the photocopies in the binder.
  3. Leilaroc's Avatar
    I have way to many recipes to even though I've put a lot of them in binders. I did put them in protectors. I'll never be able to use them all so have to thin them out once in awhile. I haven't tried making the cookbooks yet.
  4. marilynkitowski's Avatar
    I have made a few note books in my day,too. It is amazing how they differ, children's favorites, to teaching the kids, to easy 1 pot meals, and now empty nesters. Something to pass down in families..How time have changed.