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So I have started on a new adventure this year. I have 4 teenage boys in my house on a permanent bases three biological and my step-son. Now my three boys are what teachers use to call "wicked smart" and attend the public schools in my area. I even have a senior (when did THAT happen). But my step-son has had issues and now I am home schooling him. Quite an adjustment for me. We have just started but I can see how this is better for him already.
My question is, I am using the k12 program (recommended by the school system here), but does anyone else home school and have hints or tips for me? Any help will be appreciated.


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  1. lanakay1963's Avatar
    I would say check into the homeschooling system MICHELLE DUGGER on TLC 19 kids and counting. she has such smart and talented kids (musical, craft, and literary) I know they used LIFE lessons to support book Lessons. (cooking, building, sewing, writing books) I think she would have some great ideas for you
  2. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    There's a Homeschool Co-Op in your area, you can look into it to join larger groups of homeschoolers for less expensive Field Trips:
    Field Trips of Michigan - Homeschool Buyers Co-op

    There is also a bunch of support groups for homeschooling in your area as well:
    Homeschooling Support Groups in Michigan -

    Since he is Wicked Smaht, you can also dual-enroll him in College, here's the info for that as well:

    I'm not really familiar with the k-12 curriculum, we "unschooled" -
    Michigan Support Groups, Email Lists and Charter Schools ~ UnSchoolers Online

    I guess for hints I'd offer these:

    1. Schedule specific times for specific subjects daily/weekly. It's easy to overlook a subject when you're focusing on something else.
    2. Join a local homeschool group- they're a fantastic support system that will ensure you're receiving access to all of the available resources.

    Best wishes to you!
  3. bamo72's Avatar
    Thanks. K12 is pretty good and schedules get together for their students. Dual enrollment is not an option for my step-son, but he is doing better with homeschooling than public. Now I need to just get him to read the information instead of just skimming. Apparently he was told once upon a time to skim the directions and then go back and read, and all he heard was skim your stuff. And he has a mental block about reading as well. Baby steps, baby steps.
  4. brchbell's Avatar
    I home schooled all 5 of my kids who are adults now. We used several Home schooled programs and 3 years of unit studies I made up myself was the ones my kids loved most of all. Unit studies required some hard work on my part but the kids learned a lot. Every summer we would discuss what they wanted to learn about. The topics were varied and recorded and I could pick from that list. I used a regular math program but all the other subjects came from each topic. Like one was a unit on the Mississippi/Missouri River system. English was easy because they have to do regular research and write reports. It is easy to add in art and music to the unit. We were in process of moving from Maryland to Missouri so they collected samples in route and were able to run science lab tests. At the end of each unit they had to put out a newspaper with what they had learned. We mailed these out to family and friends and they became very popular with more than 300 being sent out when we stopped doing unit studies and went back to regular books. When we first started there was only a handful of home school curriculum's to be had but now there are tons to select from. Each child is different and may require different curriculum. The beauty of home schooling is that is ok for a child to be different because Mom & Dad can handle it. Good luck and do look for home school support groups in your area. My kids loved the monthly meetings and the end of the year play they put on each year.