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Crazy two weeks

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So in a previous blog I mentioned my van was getting ready to die. As my 15 yo with a learner's permit was driving it, we heard this glorious clunk and then the engine turned off. He looked at me and said the car stopped, I asked can you steer, he said yes and we drifted to the side of the road. Opened the hood, my engine is sideways in the van, and my one motor mount is on the ground. Thankfully, my hubby came, and my oldest (who has a license) took my hubby's car and drove all the kids home while we waited on the side for a tow truck. (Thank you to the kind man who actually had a tow strap and pulled my van into a side street).

Then came the search for a new used car. And driving my hubby to work and then myself. Oh, and I work in Detroit, MI and this was when the storm came through, water pumps stopped working, major highways into Detroit where flooded, and a 30 minute ride took me an hour and a half. But we got a new used vehicle in time for Band Camp (I volunteer for the week).

BUT--there are a couple of things I have learned. 1) My 15 yo remained calm when the engine dropped which makes me feel better about when he starts to drive on his own. 2) This is the first real big purchase both me and the hubby have done together and we listened to each other and talked it out (way different from the ex). 3) I am NEVER going to try and get into Detroit again when the roads are flooded. 4) I still enjoy volunteering at band camp.

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Glad it worked out for you!