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Yarn Bottles

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I will admit this not my orginal idea and I can not remember which website to give credit to the person.

The orginal yarn bottle was done with a 2-liter soda bottle. Now I have made yarn bottles from 1-liter bottles and bottles for creamer.

Make sure the bottles are thoroughly clean before using them.

To make a yarn bottle is easy. Take the bottle and cut a flap or cut the bottle into 2 pieces. I wrap the edges with duct tape and make on both bottles. On the bottle flap, I add an extra piece to hold the flap down. With the 2 piece bottle, I wrap the bottle with duct tape to hold the pieces to together. Then thread the narrow opening.

The creamer bottles are easy to do. Place yarn in bottle and thread the cap opening.

Remember to center pull skeins work the best the bottles. If you are going to use balls of yarn the I would suggest the 2-liter bottle or maybe the a 3-liter bottle.

Sorry about not having a pic. I don't know how to add a pic to the blog yet.

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Various Thoughts


  1. Chessie A's Avatar
    There are some pretty neat ways of organizing your yarn like that. Hopefully I will get more organized with my yarn someday and maybe employ an idea like this.