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Love Passing it on

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I have been using this site for at least 6 years to help me out. It started off as a curiosity and developed into a necessity because of situations going on in my life, to a helpful tool. I am happy to say that yesterday, I was talking to a fellow coworker who was feeling pinched in her budget like I did many years ago. I showed her this site and she was thrilled with all the useful information, and articles, and everything else. I am happy I could pass on the information about this site to someone else.

So if you know people who might show any interest, pass this site on. No one will truly use everything on this site, but everyone can gain something important.

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  1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Thank you so much for sharing the site and of course, for being a longtime beloved member too! :Hugs:
  2. bluefaith81's Avatar
    I actually just passed this site onto my sister who is always looking for ways to budget. Very useful sight
  3. Lois642014's Avatar
    I am new here but I am going to enjoy this site. I find it interesting to read about the experiences of others realizing that I am not alone.
  4. AnnieT's Avatar
    I love this site. I can't stay away. I'm on it at break, lunch, break, after work and probably alot on the weekend (which will be my 2nd weekend). I sure did score finding BUDGET101.

    The HOPE pink candy dish is going to two of my dear sweet friends that are breast cancer survivors.