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animals/teacup yorkie/itchy skin/not fleas

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no its no fleas have checked--dry itchy skin--any home remedies to help with itchy skin for animals? Beginning to wonder if he doesn't have allergies--vet not an option being unemployed--any suggestions ideas greatly appreciated!

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  1. adalemidkifffan's Avatar
    We had a Jack Russell mix that endured dry itchy skin for years. At the advice of our neighbor she asked us to read the labels of our pet food and omit buying anything containing "corn". We did so, and within several weeks there was an amazing difference.
  2. LouiseMarie's Avatar
    i have a Sheltie and was told could use 1 tsp of Benadryl. It worked for 2 days. i am going to give her another dose tonight.
  3. LouiseMarie's Avatar
    A teacup Yorkie.......that is so small. What will you do if you ever really need a vet? Being poor really sucks. i don't know what i will do. My Sheltie is 15 years old and has cancer.
  4. Irysheis's Avatar
    We have two shihtzus...one w very itchy skin and we had same issues...our groomer advised a "no grain" dog food...we use Blue or NuBalance from Walmart and have seen a huge difference in his itching this year...a real difference and he is a much happier little guy now. Also, we were told to give him a teaspoon of LOCAL honey bought locally...so we're trying that next.
  5. BayLee's Avatar
    Could very well be the diet, if you feed your pet a cheap food diet (imagine you going to McDonalds every day) that can cause very itchy skin. Switching often does the trick. Stay way from any grains if your pet happens to have an allergy.
    In order to find out if that is the cause, buy grain free pet food and feed it for at least 4 weeks. You should see a difference in the coat and the itching should have stopped.
  6. RosemaryB's Avatar
    Wow this is bad. 61 views and no response from no one. Wish I gad an answer for you but I have the same problem as you
  7. sugarsmom's Avatar
    My little girl has allergies and the vet said it is just fine to give her a human 1/2 benedryll twice a day . I also made some oatmeal wipes to wipe her little feet when she comes in the house and before she goes to bed I use one all over her. I bath her every 2 weeks with an oatmeal bath and rinse her good. It sure helps her. I also started buying food with NO grains. I hope this helps.
  8. vereid's Avatar
    Dogs have sensitive skin so don't bathe her too often. Use an oatmeal based soap or a soap that does not strip the oil from her.
  9. bratntk324's Avatar
    Hi there. I have a shitzu mix and she tends to get itchy and yet no fleas. I've used head and shoulders on her and it works well and leaves her hair soft and she's not so itchy. I've also have used an oatmeal dog shampoo and it has worked wonders. Maybe try one of these out and see if it will work for your pup.
  10. MamawJan's Avatar
    I also have a dog with skin allergies. I switched to a "no corn additives" food diet for her and bathe her with handmade soap my friend makes. The patchouli based soap works the best because it also is a natural flea deterrent.