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Just curious if anyone has checked out the tiny houses they are building these days or anyone that has built one?? I am single and I must say for cost I could live in one myself. Plus having fibromyalgia arthritis and bursitis would make life easier on me--although I love to garden/work in the yard , when I am able. I personally have been scoping out the internet on ways people have used the small amount of space rather wisely, and their electric bills and water have decreased immensely in cost--have a wonderful day

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  1. lala72's Avatar
    My husband and I checked them out on the web and on YouTube. Right now we live in a 680 sq. foot house. If it was just us we definitely would consider it. We have two growing boys and I have Multiple Sclerosis and climbing a ladder to go to bed is not my ideal. I agree that the cost of maintaining the home would be considerably less than a bigger one. Well, we all can dream, right? I hope you have a great day, too!
  2. KatzTazTrophy's Avatar
    I am hoping I'm not dreaming I have fibromyalgia bursitis and arthritis--although I must agree on climbing a ladder for bed there would need to be adjustments there--no climbing for bed! My present house is 850 sq. feet but its just me and my teacup yorkie. I am 51 and single and presently lost my job due to FMLA issues/avidly seeking another job. I love the tiny home and I never have company so its not an issue for me its just finding a place to build it.........have an awesome day!
  3. weezy1c's Avatar
    I am sure glad I came across this item,cause I am having a Tiny House being built for me,as I speak. Tony and I(mostly Tony) are building one. I help,whenever he needs help. He asks me to help him,to hold up things that needs to be held,and whatever else he needs.
    This is the first time that I have ever seen day to day house building. I don't know where we will end up,after we get it done. We have our bathroom,closet,and kitchen all mapped out(or whatever they call the plans).
    We are on a budget,so the going is going to be slow,but it will be ours,and no one can take it away from us. We are not going to have a sleeping loft,cause I,too,have arthritis,and can no longer climb. Our bedroom is gonna be on the main floor.
    When we have more done, I will come and let you know. Thanks, Weezy