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Things that make your heart go.... BOOM

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It's funny... when you're a blogger sometimes you get emails from folks and it's like they think that you live some magical life and nothing bad ever happens to you, or that you somehow escape the perils of everyday life (like bill collectors, wrong numbers, spammers and other losers that don't have a clue how inconsiderate it is to pound on someones door during dinner trying to sell their wares)....

but this is one of those days when I wish those particular folks were Right. Today I got one of THOSE calls.. the call that every mother dreads, already knows that something is wrong and grabs the phone asking the nagging question, "what happened? Where are you? Are you okay?" Frigging talk to me already?! All I can hear is your breath, raspy and staggered and I'm wondering to myself if it's your last or if you're somehow going to speak to me again and tell me what the hell is going on before I lose what's left of my mom-brain that's already speeding into overdrive and heading for the nearest meltdown....

and then I hear it, those words that I've been waiting excrutiating moments to hear, "I flipped my car but I'm okay mum".

The next few hours are really just a blur as I race to the scene of the accident, peer down in the ravine that holds my sons car upside down and wonder aloud to anything listening just how the hell could something like this have happened. How did he miss the corner, how did he get out of the car when it's on it's roof and one side is pinned against the banking and the other side is pinned against a clump of trees? How did you get around the corner and flip end from end and then end up facing the direction you were coming from 300 yards from where you went off the road to begin with??

Inertia escapes me as I stand in the middle of the road staring down onto the belly of the beast that encapsulated my son, cars weaving around me as irritated drivers look on at the crazy white woman dressed as though she were hoping to appear in the next installment of

I'm thankful he's okay, if not shocked that he literally walked away unscathed with merely scratches, bumps, bruises and one hell of a headache. I'm sure tomorrow will bring a wave of new aches and pains, but for now, I sit numbly at the computer trying to finish an article I started this morning, brain in a fog, heart still pounding, thankful that it wasn't worse.

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Over and Out.

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    So glad that he only has some minor injuries. How is he feeling today? I am sure he will develop some more bruises as the day progresses. I am also sure that you gave him the biggest tightest hug that you have ever given to him, just because it felt so great to be able to just see him, feel him and know he was alright for the most part. Give him a huge hug and go easy on him mom, knowing his personality he is probably beating himself up over the whole thing.
  2. RicePicker's Avatar
    Oh wow, that's scary! Hopefully he understands how lucky he is that he's okay! It could have been so much worse.
  3. KatzTazTrophy's Avatar
    his guardian angel was with him........glad he's okay!
  4. bamo72's Avatar
    Glad he is fine. Watch the headache.