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My New Healthy Lifestyle

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While exploring the site as a new user, I came across Liss's blog Fitness for Life- Deep Dark Secrets. She inspired me to start an at home fitness routine to stay on the track that I have started on. so I plan on doing a daily log on here about how I am doing with the fitness routine. I have already downloaded her fitness workouts for Monday and Tuesday. I have a light set of weights that I am going to start off using. The dumbbells themselves each weight 1 lb and I can add weight to them. So I think I will start off the first couple of weeks only using the dumbbells themselves. After that I will increase and go for another 2 weeks. I will keep doing this as I can. Then in August when I go back to school I will be able to go use the fitness center and can increase the weights even more.

Monday's Workout is Triceps, Biceps, and Forearms
Tuesday's Workout is Legs and Abs
Wednesday's Workout is Rearend
Thursday's Workout is Shoulders, Traps, and Abs
Friday's Workout is Hamstrings, Quads, and Back

I may have to alter some of the workout based on what I have at home but I will do the best that I can

Tomorrow will be the first day so I will do the work out and then come back here and post how things are going.

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