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Oil Changes and Grocery Store Receipts

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Now, I know you can go to cheap lube shops and save money or change your own oil to save even more... perhaps. I have my oil changed by the same mechanic every time. Why? He becomes accustomed to my vehicle. He inspects the vehicle AND is able to make necessary repairs (not always true of quick lube shops or DIY oil changers). I can certainly change the oil myself and have done so in the past. But I've found a way to get even more bang for my buck.

Here's a quick tip... Our local County Market prints coupons for local businesses on the back of the receipt. In fact our local County Market only has about 7-8 different coupons on the receipts, so sometimes you can get multiple copies of the coupons on a single receipt. Yesterday's receipt had a coupon for $8 off an oil change at Neal Tire (regularly $32).

In addition to the $8 off, they punched my card which, when punched 5 times is good for a free oil change. So, here's the math:

6 oil changes x $32 = $192

But, with the coupons and punch card, the math looks like this:

5 oil changes x $24 = $120 + 1 oil change for free!

Savings = $72! That's actually like getting 2 out of 6 oil changes for free!

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  1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Those are great tips- here's one that I learned the hardway. If you take your car to a walmart Oil change center, WATCH them change the oil. They "changed" the oil in my car and it took them 23 minutes. When they pulled my car around, I went out, popped the hood and checked the oil. It was still just as black and dirty as when I brought it in. The just pulled my car into the garage, put it on the lift and left it. They never touched a thing, but their little inspection paper had all the right boxes checked off, they "checked all my fluids", "changed the oil" etc.

    They were tripping all over themselves when I flipped out on them and threatened to call our local TV station to expose them for the fraud. I guess a woman isn't supposed to know when she gets screwed over by a mechanic.
  2. Dundin's Avatar
    FreebieQueen, I don't think its a female thing. I would wager most people don't "check-up" on their oil-change folks. I'm glad you caught it immediately, rather than 5k miles down the road with serious trouble. Hopefully, the folks who "changed" your oil learned a lesson also... your bad experience means bad publicity for them and, likely, lost business as well. Now I need to go out and check my oil to see if they really changed it...
  3. MsDebbie's Avatar
    Ive gone to Walmart the last few times and I had to wait about 2 hours while my truck was on the rack. I think the guy put it up then went to lunch. Once they told me I had a huge rats nest in my air filter that would quickly do serious damage. I asked if he removed while he had it apart and he said no! I couldn't believe he left it.
  4. LRMyers1968's Avatar
    We used Walmart a long time ago, One time we took my husband 1965 Jeep gladiator pick up truck in for a oil change and they told us they could not do it for the oil filter was not the right now, No dud the engine was not the one that came with the jeep it had been changed some time after. so now my husband changes the oil on his jeep and I take my car to the local Ford(where I bought my car) dealer. When as a Walmart empoyee I watched a tech drive a car off the lift and scratch it, that was a mistake too right.
  5. jenruth74's Avatar
    Not all Walmarts are bad places to have your oil changed. I get mine done at our local Walmart while I'm grocery shopping and I have never had a problem.
  6. shellieadams's Avatar
    Where I live a local Gymnastics place does Oil changes for a fundraiser, it is a win-win, I pay $20 and it all goes to the kids.