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Organizing My Kid's Art

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Our kids brought home a mind-boggling amount of artwork when they were little. The refrigerator always looked like it had been wallpapered with miniature “masterpieces” and hard-earned grades. The collection was overbearing! It would fall off, get caught in the doors, get ripped, etc.

DRAMA – that’s what I would get if I ever cleaned off the chaos – “you don’t like my picture…you like his/hers better,” so I had to create something that was inspiring for little kids to understand. Something to show them that sharing and caring for others is an awesome thing to do. That’s when I created…

The Little Man Under the Refrigerator!

He loves kids, but doesn't have any. He loves art, but can’t go out very often. He has to stay home and take care of his animals. He comes out at night and takes art and graded papers with him to decorate his home. On occasion, he brings pieces back and gets new art to enjoy.

My kids loved this whole idea. When the little man would bring pieces back, the kids would find them conveniently sticking half way out from under the refrigerator. They would lie in the floor and try to see the little man. They never saw him, but they also never quit looking for him or trying to please him, either.

This went on for many years. I didn't throw away their work. I saved it in the “Treasure Chest” (more on this at another time). There was no more cluttered chaos on the refrigerator.

Our kids (all 5 of them) are now grown, and some have kids of their own. To this day, they still talk frequently about The Little Man Under the Refrigerator and what he meant to them.

Now, it’s the grandkids’ turn!

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