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Coconut Oil: Miracle Oil

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Wow! I love making soaps, customized lotions, etc therefore I do a decent amount of research on various oils. I have not, however, been savvy on trying all of these oils on my skin, as I am very oily/acne prone.
Kids change everything. My new adage again. My poor, sweet girl has the driest skin I have ever seen. Her legs and arms are scaly, her scalp peels, and I have to be very careful how often I bathe her, as it becomes painful and she turns bright red if bathed too often. She's three months old and has been to the pediatrician multiple times for various reasons. I ask her MD about her skin and the diagnosis is always the same: severely dry skin.
So, we have gone through lists upon lists of products to try. This poor baby has gone through more night creams than many of her middle aged Hollywood counterparts.
A friend, at the hospital I worked at, recommended I try coconut oil. Just plain old coconut oil. Naturally, organic and unrefined is recommended, but my budget does not allow for that right now. I happened to have some leftover from a soap recipe, but spent two weeks too scared to try it. Well, two days ago I did and am so glad!
The scales are essentially gone on her legs. They now just feel a little rough. Her scalp is barely peeling. I've used it on my own face (look of horror expected from those of you with oily/acne prone skin) and used it to remove water proof eye makeup. After 2 days, my skin is less oily (odd, I've always moisturized because not doing so just means your skin peels AND is still oily, but this is the most moisture/least oily I have ever achieved), so far no major skin blemishes (I had one popping up I thought, but it went away overnight), and my waterproof mascara and eyeliner came off yesterday more easily than with any commercial product I have EVER used! I am going to keep track of these specific uses and plan to share again later, but I am cautiously optimistic! The type I am using is just what you find in the cooking oil department. No, it's not organic or unrefined or anything special, but the fact I can eat it makes me already like it more than some of these commercial creams!

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  1. MusicMaking's Avatar
    Coconut oil is awesome! I've used it in hand lotion bars, as a diaper rash cream and to heal cuts. (It's amazing at all of those things!) The only caution I would give would be about using it on your face. Coconut oil does clog pores. There are other types of oils that don't clog pores. (Many of those are expensive, though.)
  2. queentel's Avatar
    Wow. that is great new. I am so glad I came across your post. I have dry skin and for years have purchased Avon Skin So Soft oil. I use it sparingly. I have been searching for a face cream that will work, as the oil on my face still causes dry red areas. I did have cream that I used for 20+ years and the company stopped making it and all the searching I did I could not find anyone close to it. For the last two years I have been looking for an affordable solution for my face. I am going to give the coconut oil a try. I have some of the organic version. I bought a container a while back as I have been experimenting with making deserts in a vegan fashion. It sits in my cabinet now and only gets used if I make one recipe. Thank you for the post again and I will update as I use it and how it works.
  3. Begobled's Avatar
    I have heard that the oil can clog pores. So far I have not had an issue. I also never plan to use commercial makeup remover again! I have been told that olive oil is also a great moisturizer. I have used this in soaps and lotions, but have not tried it pure.
  4. queentel's Avatar
    Thank you for the comments about pore clogging. I will use it carefully and test for a few days to see how it works. I do understand about the expensive lotions and being a part-time worker and on a strict budget I cannot try every expensive brand on the market. Again thank you and I will start this week and will update on progress.
  5. ccbbladybug55's Avatar
    Hi there. I have used coconut oil and olive oil for many years as an additive to cheap suave hand lotion.I just mix it in the lotion bottle and" OH BOY" I like how soft it makes my skin feel and the very best part is that it stays with your skin a whole lot longer than just lotion and the price is cheap also.
  6. ccbbladybug55's Avatar
    I also like to use bee's wax for my chapstick and my lips are never dry.