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Being Gobled... ie, Begobled

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Good morning all,
I have followed this site for months and have utilized many tips from it (particularly budgeting!) This morning, I decided to register and am so glad that I did! I had no idea the benefits of being a registered member were so great!
So, to introduce myself a bit:
I was married four years ago to my wonderful husband. We were high school friends, becoming best friends in college. We married 6 months after I graduated with my bachelor's degree in respiratory care. I was a very corporate career minded person and my sweet husband who loves the natural beauties of the world (hunting, fishing, gardening) and would rather die than live in a subdivision, supported my aspirations. I became a respiratory therapist and focused much energy on advancing my knowledge and myself in my position. I have LOVED my career!
Alas, the seasons of life change. Throughout our marriage, my hubby and I have had an increasing interest in homesteading and living a more self sufficient lifestyle. So, after three years of marriage and buying a home, we made the decision to move closer to his family and "pick up" the traditions that created the farmhouse his mother has owned for years.
I am surrounded more closely by his wonderful family, who have many the same aspirations as we do. His mom purchased this home from the descendants of the original family who owned it. Our goal is to eventually live a life more similar to the original owners: less television, more family get togethers on the porch; less processed food, more home cooked meals; less dependence on corporations to provide, more leaning on one another to attain what we need; and ultimately more time and energy devoted to raising and loving a new generation, with the arrival of our daughter. I sincerely hope that I am able to share our trials and triumphs in this new life. I did live "the best of both," working in the city and coming home to our country home (oh the joys of crossing the bridge into our county!) I recently resigned from my full time healthcare position in hopes of finding something part time. It is amazing how children change your perspective so quickly and wholly! In the meantime, I plan to enjoy more time with my family, friends and home, enjoying my "mommy" and homemaker role. I love experimenting with recipes (food, cleaners, and beauty), finding inexpensive organization methods, spending time with the animals (cows, chickens, ducks, and dogs!) and writing. What an exciting time!
Thus, I have gone from a very corporately career minded person to an at least part time homemaker (which is certainly a career of its own!) on a homestead in progress, in the matter of five years! I attribute this all to my wonderful husband, who has always enjoyed a "homesteading" and self sufficient mindset, but supported me fully in my career dreams. I had no idea how much I would love this lifestyle and being surrounded by such a wonderful extended family, and thus I am thoroughly begobled.

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  1. Leisamarie's Avatar
    I really enjoyed reading your post! I was career gal (natural foods chef) for 25 years and when the economy tanked, so did my job. It led me to homesteading and self sufficient lifestyle and is honestly, the best thing that ever happened to me, loosing my job and not being able to find another (restaurants don't want to hire older people who have made money in mangement to wait tables when they can hire kids lol). I am loving the challenges of not using the grocery store when we can grow or make it ourselves! What is your biggest challenge to date? Mine is finding the most creative ways to use or store the foods we grow.
  2. Begobled's Avatar
    Last summer, the biggest challenge was keeping the gardens weeded and putting away the food while being pregnant and not feeling well. At that time though, I was still working at a hospital and could afford some "convenience" items such as started plants. This year, I foresee the biggest challenge being the budget. But, we press on! We purchased the seeds to start our plants indoors this week and I started the herb garden on the back strps yesterday. It is terrifying, yet exciting to be at this point. I love being home with my little family, but am having to develop a whole new mindset toward money. I never realized what a hostage I have been to it. And it is so fulfilling when I can find ways to "make it work."
  3. MsDebbie's Avatar
    I too have recently discovered this great site. Having worked and saved and always being frugal I invested in a well known sandwich franchise thinking it was a good choice for my family's future. We are in a small tourist mountain community so when the economy tanked so did our business. It is difficult to go from being able to buy whatever you want to living on white rice for a month lol. I used all of our savings and replaced it with a mountain of debt. I am getting to old to work like I use to and we are so rural part-time doesn't cover the expenses of driving to town. So here I am retraining myself to be a frugal homemaker.
  4. Begobled's Avatar
    I am doing my best to not create debt during this time from the start, but we'll see how that goes!