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Saving paper

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A few weeks ago, I was at my bank drive-thru cashing my paycheck. I got to thinking what a waste of paper it must be that each week my money is sent through a tube in an envelope that I really don't need. The bank must use hundreds of these envelopes every week and they are basically useless.We just throw it away only to get another one next week.So,I decided to save my envelope and return it back to the teller the next week empty just to see what would happen.To my surprise,the teller returned my envelope with my cash in it.I tried this again the next week and without a word about it the teller reused my envelope a third time.
Even though it might be a very small thing, if enough people did this it would save paper and money for the bank. In return, it might save us money as well, who knows.I like doing it because it is one more way that I can help the environment and that is good for everyone.

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  1. Maureendeg's Avatar
    What a great idea! I will save my envelope the next time I will go to the bank. I will reuse it too. Thanks for that blog.