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Hi, I am Jo Anne.

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I am on disability and really watch my money (go away) lol. I don't go out much and use my computer daily. I like to garden and cook, along with other crafts.

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  1. Dundin's Avatar
    Welcome, Jo Anne! I'm new to this site also. There are a lot of ideas here. From what I can see, there are all sorts of useful resources for just about every person. Have fun and explore the site!
  2. MsDebbie's Avatar
    Hi Jo Anne! I am new to this site but loving it!! I have been hitting the freebie section alot.
  3. IrishMoon's Avatar
    HI JoAnne
    My name is Diana (IrishMoon). I'm on a limited income myself (yes, there is way too much month at the end of the money) although my live-in boyfriend has a steady job. I love cooking too and have been updating our flower gardens and plan on putting in some vegetables gardens this year.
  4. mowcky's Avatar
    Hi Jo Anne-
    My name is Dawn (mowcky) Like you I am a newbie as well. I also watch my $ go away, I am so happy your here and look forward to sharing ideas with you.
  5. willowwend's Avatar
    Hi Jo Anne!
    I am Julie (willowwend). I've been here about two months, but I already LOVE this site!

    Our budget is quite limited, too. All of our kids (5 of them) are grown and on their own, but I am caring for a sick parent.

    My passion is cooking - all day, everyday, for everyone! I also love to grow, can, & preserve food. My computer and crafts don't get to see me as much as they'd like, but I eventually get there once in a while.

    My other passion is my four-legged baby. He is a Beagle/Sheep dog/Collie mix. He thinks he's human and should be treated that way. He is definitely my shadow & protector.
  6. sugarsmom's Avatar
    Hi JoAnne !
    I am Anne and I am in the same boat as you and like the same hobbies! I think this will be a great place to get new ideas and share ours.