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I Had Enough

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So I am a nurse. I am an educator now which means I work more in an office now than previously. But I also go to other sister hospitals to help them with new things. Because of this, my work hours are very weird. Just the past two weeks I was working weird night shift hours.
And apparently no one in the house knew how to use a dishrag and soap, or vacuum, or anything else.
Even when I asked someone to do it before I headed to work, I came home to nothing done.
And to a promise.
Or an excuse.
Or, because I have teenagers, a negotiation.
So I Had Enough.
On another website, someone had drawn a chore calendar on their frig with dry erase markers and assigned people chores on certain days. I thought, I could use this.
Mine is a bit different than what the site showed.
First, I used these really cool dry erase crayons instead of markers. Does not erase as easily.
Second my grid was label with Names down one side and days of the week across the top. I did it this way because my step-kids are not in the house 24/7 but they still have chores.
Yes I included my hubby and myself--because there are a few things that we need to do but always seem to postpone--like changing the litter box. I noticed if I assign a day, we tend to do it on that day.
Then I divided chores up equally throughout the week, taking into account of afterschool activities.
And a few chores that get rotated through all the kids but does not have a specific day, I put on magnets.
Now everyone can look at the schedule and know what I need from them that day. Including the hubster.
And so far it has worked well.
Least my dishes are getting done. And no more empty promises, excuses and not as many negotiations (remember I have teens).
Just an idea I thought to share.

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