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Valentine's Day!

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I am trying not to think about it but for some reason I can't get my daughter Jessica off my mind! tomorrow is Valentine's Day. It is also the day My daughter passed away at the age of 16 from dietibitetes . I miss her more and more everday ! So please So that SPEACIAL LOVED ONE HOW MUCH YOU CARE BECAUSE YOU JUST NEVER NO WHEN THE LORD WILL TAKE THEM HOME!

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  1. jnine's Avatar
    You are very right, vickyka. My very best friend passed on Vday, my mom passed four days later and now my little cousin passed a week after that. Its been a very hard month for me. And the only one I got to tell " I loved them" was my cousin, before he passed. They say god don't give you more than you can handle, I would sure like to know who he thinks I am. Just venting. Thank you