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Okay, so I just moved to Texas in November. I'm still trying to get the hang of things. I have two kids, and I'm moving next week with my boyfriend into our new apartment.I'm super nervous!!! I have many problems and stresses. But here are the main few. One, my son, who is 2 is absolutely lazy and will not pee in the toilet. it's totally frustrating. For a few days I tried regular taking him to the potty, and that worked for a little bit. Then he just wouldn't go. He peed his pants one day, and I had it. I took his pull up off and put his pants on with NO pull up. He peed once. Took his pants off, got on the toilet and peed the rest out. Then after that he wouldn't pee himself, he'd go to the bathroom frequently, he didn't wanna be wet, I think it grossed him out. Then one morning he just wouldn't get up and go, so he'd just take his pants off and pee in the living room, or dining room. Wherever he felt like. It's driving me crazy. Any tips??? Second....My boyfriend and I have a VERY limited budget for food and whatnot. I have 180 dollars to last until the end of the month. I'm going to buy a lot of top ramen, go figure, but I need to get other things, proteins, fruits and veggies and dairy. I need to figure out how to stretch my dollar. AND figure out how to make my own cleaning sprays and what not. We're going to have a CARPET. I'm terrified. I want a carpet, but I was scared because my son won't stop peeing everywhere. What do I clean it up with if he pees? Haven't had a carpet since I was a kid. AHHH!!!!

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Wow you really have a bit going on. With your son, they all learn and accept going in the toilet at their own rate. Do not allow anyone to tell you to push him to go. Do you reward him in any way when he does go to the bathroom? What does he like or look forward to in the future? I have three boys. My middle son wanted to go to preschool so much that I told him that until he learned to use the bathroom all of the time he would not be able to go to preschool. Just before he was 2 he decided to use the bathroom and has never had a problem. My oldest and youngest both just had weak bladders, but the learned that if they would try to get to the bathroom then it would mean special time with just mom. We would sit and color a picture or play with a special toy for a little while and I reminded them it was special time for just as to celebrate them growing up. With the menu and needing to stretch your food dollars, take a look at any of the weekly menus Weekly Menu Plans there are some great ideas and are low-cost. Hope some of this helps you out.
  2. elladenise's Avatar
    Have you tried targets in the toilet for him to aim at? Make it a game, maybe that will help. I used the star system with my son. Every time he went on the potty, he got a star on his paper that was hung by the potty. He was trained for night and day by 18 months. Now my daughter, on the other hand; I decided I would just have to go to kindergarten class to change her diaper. She was like your son--would not go to the bathroom. She was 2-1/2 before she was trained-but she could go get her diaper, rip the wet one off, lay down on the new one and wait for me to fasten it. I think that was just stubborn.
  3. bamo72's Avatar
    My middle one was stubborn too. My boys were closer to 3 or 3 1/2 before they were trained. And lots of changes make them regress. I think he is also testing you, and since he sees that he gets a reaction, he might want to continue it. I would relax, give him the pull-ups and be patient.
    If he pees on the carpet, you can try what I do when my dogs pee on our carpet. Blot up as much moisture as you can with paper towels, for my animals I then spray a water/vinegar solution and reblot because of they smell but you may not have to, and then put a layer of baking soda over the wet area. The baking soda absorbs the rest of the moisture and deodorizes-need to let it set for a while (I do 24 hours) then just vacuum.
    I use the vinegar/water solution for alot of cleaning, and if tough grease, I make a paste of baking soda and dish soap and use that to clean then rinse.
    Good Luck!
  4. KimCM's Avatar
    I don't know how good the relationship is between your son and boyfriend, but all the boys in my family learned by "crossing swords". or streams. I moved back home when my son was very young, my dad used this on him also. It worked really well, he didn't want to wear a diaper and went right into underwear. My dad told him he was a big boy now and this is how its done.
  5. brownthumb's Avatar
    All children mature at different rates physically. It may be that your son has a small bladder or that he is so wrapped up in what he is doing that he just can't make it in time. Boys take a lot of patience sometimes. Be very careful not to turn it into a power struggle between you. My sons wives used different methods. One gave a jelly bean for each success and then a bigger prize for so many hours, days etc. that they were dry. The other let her kids run around nude so it was very obvious when to them when they peed. Both were successful. With the possible exception of the fact that the nudies wanted to stay nude!