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Flu, Pasta and Frustration

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This has been such an incredibly long week. Wrestling season will be ending within the next couple of weeks, with States & Regionals coming up shortly. I can honestly say that this has not been one of our better seasons and I'm looking forward to it ending. We went to a dual match Thursday night and one of the kids ended up leaving via paramedics, and we STILL have not heard how he is doing.
As if that wasn't lousy enough, It seems something nasty has been going around and one of the kids on the team was hospitalized with severe flu symptoms, bronchial and coughing up blood, etc. It's the 8th case we've heard about so far this year of people we know (some indirectly) being hospitalized. So when youngest ds came home from wrestling practice on Friday with his eyes sunk in and hacking up a lung it didn't take me long to start putting the Cayenne to him!
He fell asleep just a couple hours after getting home, I applied camphor to his feet so he could sleep soundly and then ended up sleeping most of the day Saturday as well, waking only long enough to take more cayenne and a little nourishment in the form of soup and homemade biscuits. He was more like himself today, but I gave him 2 doses of Yarrow and goldenseal. Looks like he's good to go, fever is broke, color is back and he's back to his chipper self.

So while I worked until nearly midnight Saturday night trying to get caught up and add a few things to the site, etc, I ended up getting just a couple hours of sleep and woke up feeling like something that you scrape off the bottom of your shoe. I couldn't concentrate on work, it was far too cold to go for a walk, so I decided to spend the day playing with a gift I received from my other half, a pasta attachment (that I've been wanting for years!!) to make large or small macaroni, fusili, rigatoni, bucatini, fusili or spaghetti.

When I started I only intended to make some pizza pasta (my sons favorite!) but then I started thinking how much fun it would be to make Lemon Poppyseed pasta, Asian Flair Ginger Pasta, Cinnamon Cider Pasta- which I thought would be fantastic with some sauteed apples and raisins and served with grilled pork on top- but while I was making it- I suddenly got the bright idea to make ravioli with it and fill it with homemade spiced pear butter, again with the idea of serving it with pork. By the time I was done I'd made 9 different kinds of pasta, 2 new desserts and my kitchen looked like tornado had whipped through it. Camera in one hand, pasta in the other, keep an eye out folks- there will be a ton of new recipes this week, lol.

Now that I've finally had a chance to make myself a mug of Oolong Chinese tea and sit down for more than 3 seconds, it just dawned on me that I haven't put together a menu yet for this week. Ah... Crap. I didn't go grab and fresh produce because I felt like crap and don't want to out and about spreading it around. Now I've got to go stare in the freezer, the fridge and the pantry and then grab the kids wrestling schedule off the fridge, eldest sons work schedule off the corkboard, dh job schedule off his whiteboard and my work appointments off my phone to determine what we're eating, where, when and how much time I'll have to throw it all together!

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  1. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    Just another day in the life...... The flu hit us hard and I ended up with pneumonia. Sounds like you love the new pasta toy!! Can't wait to see all the new recipies. Be sure to schedule in some down time for yourself so this bug doesn't develop into more.