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Taking every opportunity

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My son had to go to town today. He is a student at the local CC. We live several miles out of town so I drive there as seldom as possible to conserve fuel. Since he was going anyway, I asked him to pick up a few things. This may seem foolish, to ask a teenage boy to go to the grocery store for me, but it is not. I have taught all of my children how to look at the way groceries are priced. For instance, we just added a lower bar in the boys closet and they needed more hangers. I told him to get 20 or thirty. He found that 3 packs of 10 were less than a 30 pack, he bought 20 and chose a color we don't already have with the intention of using that color only for his clothes. Most teenage boys are not particularly observant of such details and he is no exception. He is just a product of my ongoing instruction to my children in frugal living. Proud Mommy Moment.

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