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Your Methods Are Not Helping Me

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It pains me to hear about novices reading magazine articles on raising children, gardening and money saving tips, just to realize those methods don't wok for them. They feel like failures.

My methods may not be what you need to succeed. There are a gazillion things to consider: Where you live, the number of children you have, handicaps, the amount of income you have to budget, living space, state regulations; the list goes on and on. But, one thing we each have in common and can build on is setting goals.

I know some who successfully fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants but, their methods don't work for me. Setting goals for yourself or for your family does not have to be a large task, and it certainly is worth it!

Choose your own goal setting method and stick to it. A physical calendar may be all you need. Or, you may prefer a simple notebook, or poster board hanging on the wall. You don't have to spend a lot of time on this part, it shouldn't be elaborate. Whatever meets your needs. Personally, I like to write my goals and hang them in a local spot for daily reminding.

Plan to achieve those goals. What would you like to accomplish? Put it in writing. Would you like to be a better parent? Do you want to learn how to grow something? Maybe health is a priority? Are you planning to go back to school? Skip those articles in magazines (for now) and start brainstorming ideas on your own. Decide what you need to give up or give more of in order to achieve those goals. I'ts okay if you have to make changes through the course. Overcome those obstacles as they appear.

Accountability. It's easy, and kinda fun, to see those goals all planned out and right in front of you. You can taste the victory! So, how do you make those goals a reality? You have to put effort into it. Now that your goals are set and you have some idea of what needs to be done to achieve those goals, don't stop. Some goals may take hard work on your part. Some may be a cinch. But, the main goal is, don't give up. Failure does not come from not achieving a goal, it comes from not trying to achieve a goal. Remember that. And, if you need to, write it at the top of your goal sheet.

Good luck!

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